Use Philips Hue Smart Lighting for Your Halloween Decor This Year

Halloween is the BEST, unless you’re someone like me who doesn’t like anything scary. I don’t like blood, I don’t like demonic stuff, and I cringe every time my son picks up a scary mask and wants to wear it. I like to keep my Halloween decorations PG; however, as my biggest boy gets older each year, he seems more into the “scare” aspect of Halloween. While I struggle being the anti-Halloween lady, deep down I know, as a mom with two boys, I have to get in touch with my inner goblin and bring the fright.

We don’t host a Halloween party, but our indoor Halloween decorations change each year. Instead of my aunt getting my kids a bunch of candy, she grabs the scary stuff she knows I’d never buy and gives them a huge Halloween basket. From skull heads to witch brooms, the decorations are always top notch. This year, we’re using our Philips Hue smart lighting to elevate our Halloween decorations and make our own personal haunted house!

Our haunted house is filled with spiderwebs galore! Spiderwebs, coupled with Philips Hue lighting, is the easiest way to ensure every room of your haunted house has the full scare effect. I simply pull the spider web cotton across the ceiling lights and bring some of it down the wall. Then I adjust the lighting color in each room with just the tap of my Philips Hue app. It’s effortless decorating that brings so much character to each room.

You can take the same decorating concept with the Hue Go portable light and make an incredibly eerie entrance to your home on your front porch. After you pull the spiderwebs over the Hue Go, accent it with little bats or bone-chilling skeletons. Just make sure you bring it inside because it’s not meant to be left outdoors.

With the Philips Hue smart lighting system, you can choose from 16 million colors, to create a chilling scene or set a spooky ambiance. You can also conveniently control the lighting to have trick-or-treaters or your Halloween party guests questioning if the ghost you invited actually showed up!


Pick up thePhilips Hue White and Color Ambiance starter kit to get started! It includes:

  • A bridge, which is the heart of the Hue system. It allows for the app-based control of the Hue lights.
  • An Ethernet cable to connect the bridge to your wireless router, and a power cord to plug the bridge into any standard outlet.
  • Four A19 standard-size LED light bulbs capable of emitting 16 million colors or 50,000 shades of white light – allowing you to fully customize your lighting and experience. (The bulbs can be installed in any standard indoor light fixture.)


Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or looking to create a haunted house in your home, Philips Hue smart lighting has your back!

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