Health Changes You Really Can’t Ignore

Over time, our body can go through a whole host of changes, some of them worrying, some of them less so. It’s easy to become complacent if we’re getting used to the occasional new ache. However, not every new change is equal. Some of them deserve a lot more attention. Below, in particular, we will look at five changes to your health that you should never ignore.

Your gums

Bleeding gums are quite a common symptom amongst adults. However, that doesn’t make them any less serious. Gum disease, also known as gingivitis, can lead to tooth loss over time, but it also comes with some serious heart risks. People who live with gum disease are shown to be much more prone to not only heart disease and heart attacks, but the bacteria in the mouth can get into the bloodstream, leading to truly dangerous infections of the blood.


Your eyes

To some degree, we all expect that our senses change as we age. For some people with glasses, frequent checkups and changes in prescription might be a fact of life. However, it’s important that those who don’t wear glasses also make sure to get a vision check-up every now and then. The sooner you get prescribed glasses, the sooner you can stop your eyesight from getting worse.


Your ears

Another sense that tends to be more at risk as we age is our hearing. We lose the little hair cells in our ears that transmit sound as we age. However, if you listen to music loudly, go to concerts, or work in loud environments, your ears can be at risk, too. Mild hearing loss can be treated very well by discreet rechargeable hearing aids these days. However, the sooner you get your ears checked, the sooner you can get to the bottom of the matter and prevent further hearing loss.


Your breasts

Breast cancer awareness has, thankfully, become a much more vocal discussion as of late. However, despite that, it’s always important to have a reminder. You should learn how to examine your own breasts and, if you feel any changes, including lumps, go to the doctor as soon as possible. Many lumps will be completely benign but, even if not, finding them early greatly increases your chances of a successful recovery.


Your chest

Even if it’s not too painful, even if it’s only temporary, any changes to your chest and heart should warrant a visit to a doctor. For instance, if you have pain and tightness that goes away, it could be a symptom of many conditions, from heart disease to angina, which puts you more at risk of heart disease. Heart disease is known as the silent killer, but it can be very effectively managed if you discover it early enough.


It’s important not only to be aware but to spread awareness through your family, too. Get your family used to talking about any health issues they’re experiencing and you can all be much better at spotting risks early.

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