Don’t Wait. Vaccinate. to Support Lifelong Health for Your Adolescents and Young Adults

This post was sponsored by Unity™ Consortium as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

The recent pandemic has thrown everyone’s daily routine in a tizzy. Now that the world is starting to open back up and we’re making progress back to normalcy, it’s important to catch up on anything that may have been shifted to the side as we binged on our guilty pleasures for the past year, like our family’s wellness visits and vaccines. Prevention is the key to healthy living and with three children, their preventative visits and routine immunizations are an essential part of our lives.  I’m thrilled to partner with Unity™ Consortium, a non profit organization, on the Don’t Wait. Vaccinate. campaign, which supports their mission to protect adolescents and young adults against all vaccine-preventable diseases to support lifelong health!

We constantly worry about our children’s well-being. As the sports and activities for my oldest adolescent evolves into a more physical atmosphere, I know his routine well-visits are essential to ensuring he is safe long after he leaves the field. Did you know, adolescent well visits and vaccinations have been impacted due to the pandemic? While some parents remain hesitate about heading into a doctor’s office, here are some important reminders:

  • There are actually time-sensitive screenings and immunizations that adolescent receive during their well visits, which means in order for the vaccine to successfully do its job, it must be administered during a specific time (or age).
  • As more sports programs, summer camps, and schools open to in-person interactions, certain vaccines may be needed for your adolescent to return.
  • The CDC recommends vaccines that are important to keep adolescents healthy and protect against serious illness, like meningitis (2 vaccines), cancers caused by HPV, whooping cough, and flu.
  • Visiting a doctor or pharmacy for care is safe! In fact, healthcare providers are taking extra precautions with pre visit screenings to ensure patient safety.
  • Preventative visits (also known as routine or wellness checks) are NOT the same as sick visits and actually promoted by insurance companies with little to no out of pocket costs!

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If you’re ready to support lifelong health for your tween and teens, join me, along with Unity™ and Don’t Wait. Vaccinate. Now is the perfect time to ensure your catch up on your adolescents is up to date with their well visits and missed immunizations!

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