Am I a Better Parent Than Spongebob Would Be?

SpongebobLast week I was getting ready to drive my son to camp, when I realized we had no cold cuts left. Rather than go to the store, come back and make the sandwich, I decide to use my time wisely and pick up the food on the way to camp. With the bread in hand, we left.

After buying the cold cuts and having five minutes to get my son to camp on time, I started making the sandwich at the red light. Isn’t that what most mothers do?

My son was kind enough to point out that there was an episode of Spongebob where he had to write an essay about ‘What not to do at a stoplight.’ Spongebob listed a couple of things not to do at a spotlight:

  • Don’t light a candle
  • Don’t drink water (which I do)
  • Don’t make a sandwich.

My son seized the moment and said, “When Spongebob said not to make a sandwich at a stoplight, I thought, who would do that?”

Me of course.

Have you ever made a sandwich at a stoplight?  What have you done at a stoplight that might not be a good idea?


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