Top 5 Foods That Improve Hearing Health

There has been a lot of focus on healthy eating for weight loss and weight management – and rightly so. However, there’s another part of our health that needs attention when it comes to what we eat – our hearing health. Approximately 48 million Americans suffer from one form of hearing loss or another. This statistic covers both adults and children. Fortunately, hearing aids are not the only way out of this problem. There are some ways of improving hearing health at home and reducing the risk of future hearing loss – and food is an easy place to start.



Aside from the fact that these fruits are deliciously healthy treats, bananas offer quite a significant protection from hearing loss. The magnesium contained in these fruits plays a role in improving circulation by helping to expand the blood vessels – and this extends all the way to the inner part of the ear. One of the main contributing factors of hearing loss as a result of noise is glutamate release. Magnesium from bananas helps to manage the release of glutamate and reduce future risks. Plus, they can be easily added to any kind of diet.



From one fruit to another, the next food on our list is oranges. Oranges are rich in vitamins E and C, which are essential in helping to keep free radicals in check while supporting the immune system. A strong immune system is one of the ways of reducing the risk of future hearing loss. Oranges can easily be incorporated into any breakfast.



Let’s move away from the fruits to fish. Salmon offers one of the healthiest options because of its vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids content. Eating salmon at least two times a week helps to lower the risks of hearing loss considerably. Omega 3 fatty acids also play a role in supporting the blood vessels that are located in the ear’s sensory system. Aside from salmon, other fish like sardines and tuna have similar benefits.


It’s time to visit the veggies. Broccoli contains fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Such nutrients are also essential in holding free radicals in check and preventing the immune system from becoming weak. This goes a long way in supporting hearing health. Broccoli can be added to any diet in several creative ways. You can either grill it, steam it, or even munch on it raw.


Dark Chocolate

Let’s round up our list with something sweet. Dark chocolate puts smiles on a lot of faces. But it also does more than that as it is a rich source of zinc. And zinc plays a very important role in preventing the possibility of hearing loss as we grow older. As if we needed more to love chocolate. Add a little bit of dark chocolate to your snacks, and you’ll be doing your ears a lot of good.


Other foods that are worth mentioning in this list are cereals, fortified milk, eggs, mushrooms, walnuts, flaxseed, avocado, whole grains, leafy green veggies, beans, to name a few.


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