The Ultimate Easter Basket Guide

I love being able to put together Easter baskets for the kids and watch the excitement on their faces Easter morning. Our basket contents have definitely changed from the time we started this tradition when my kids were babies. This year we have you covered with goodies for your Easter baskets whether you have infants or college kids! Enjoy our Ultimate Easter Basket Guide for Kids of All Ages (looking for adult items.. we have you covered! Check out the Adult Easter Basket Guide for everything you need)!


Cookie Pop and Candy Pop


From Cookie Pop and Candy Pop comes the perfect treats for both adults and kids (talk about crushing two cravings at once at only 150 calories per serving!!) Cookie Pop flavors include: Cookie Pop Popcorn Nutter Butter®, Cookie Pop Popcorn OREO®, and Cookie Pop CHIPS AHOY!®. Candy Pop is available in: Candy Pop Popcorn SOUR PATCH KIDS®, Candy Pop Popcorn TWIX®, Candy Pop Popcorn SNICKERS®, Candy Pop Popcorn M&M’s® Minis, and Candy Pop Popcorn BUTTERFINGER®. As part of SNAX-Sational’s ongoing partnership with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and their work with Children’s Hospitals around the United States, all Cookie Pop and Candy Pop flavors benefit the foundation through a portion of all sales. 


Penne Straws


Penne Straws are the low-calorie, gluten-free snack with a big crunch! Made of lentils and white beans, Penne Straws are seasoned to perfection, giving them authentic, delicious flavors that are only 140 calories per serving. Plant-based, gluten-free, and Non-GMO, they are available in 5 tasty flavors: Mac & Cheese, Cinnamon Churro, Lemon Garlic, Marinara, and Sweet Pepper. As part of SNAX-Sational’s ongoing partnership with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and their work with Children’s Hospitals around the United States, all Penne Straws flavors benefit the foundation through a portion of all sales. 


Mabel’s Labels

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Kids love stickers! Grab labels for everything you can think of personalized with their name. They’ll be happy to help label everything!

These bag tags are perfect for hooking onto your kids’ Easter Basket so they know which basket is theirs, and once Easter is over, the bag tags are perfect to use on backpacks or lunch bags you send to daycare, school or summer camp.

 Available in 12 designs that can easily fit any Easter Basket theme and retails for $21.50 (includes two tags).

Carrera Slot Car Racing

Italian pedal-to-the-metal thrills!
The Carrera GO!!! Ferrari Pro Speeders set is all about top speed. Two true pros of the long-distance racing scene meet on the Carrera racing circuit. The Ferrari 488 GT3 ‘Squadra Corse Garage Italia, No.7’ in the striking red, green and white livery of the Italian tricolor puts the foot to the floor for victory against his compatriot around the 28.22-ft. racetrack. The fiery-red super sports car Ferrari 488 GT3 ‘AF Corse, No.488’ can match its rival in every aspect of power and performance.


Corso’s Cookies

Surprise your child, relative, or friend with a magical box full of colorful and delicious vanilla sugar cookies inspired by our whimsical cookie characters! Each box contains 16 delicious, individually wrapped sugar cookies, complete with unique character designs on every cookie. Our cookie gift boxes are perfect for kid’s parties, school gatherings, or as a treat to simply enjoy at home with friends and family! 

-Vanilla Sugar Cookies

-Individually Wrapped

-Peanut & Tree-Nut Free

-2 oz Each

-Character Cookie Art

Price: $29.99


HedgeHog Health- Hoglet

The Hoglet by HedgeHog Health is a must-have for our children with learning challenges such as autism and ADHD. This game-changing fidget gadget and computer mouse understands kids’ sensory needs while helping focus and productivity. Plus, it looks like a baby hedgehog that kids will want to use it. This wireless mouse allows kids to fidget while learning in front of the screen.  The Hoglet provides rewarding multi-sensory experiences, intentionally invented to help with physical stimulation not found with traditional computer pointing devices (i.e., trackpads, keyboards, and traditional mice). 

Price: $39.99


The Wellow Willow

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This special bag of kid-friendly rewards makes a fantastic non-candy, experienced-based easter egg surprise for toddlers and young kids. Small in size, but big in fun! After the holiday, continue to reuse the coins over and over, letting kids cash in their reward token for something they love. 


André’s Confiserie Suisse

Eiertütsche Egg Bumping Game A twist on the Swiss Easter tradition (“egg knocking”, “egg tapping” or “egg bashing”) that’s been around for centuries. Typically played with hard-boiled eggs, knock your egg against your opponents to see who can remain uncracked. Who knew Easter could be this much fun?

How to play: Knock your egg against your opponent’s egg, first bottom to bottom, then top to top. Try to crack the others but keep yours unharmed. The owner of the egg with the harder shell (the one that doesn’t break) is the winner.

See the many games and variations on Facebook at #eiertütsche.


My Chapie

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Chapie is the world’s first vacuum-insulated container that fits on your keychain. Our insulative technology prevents your lip balm and lipstick from melting. The sunset collection is available for next-day shipping, and our glitter collection is available for preorder now and delivers in May! 


Banana Loca 

Meet Banana Loca, the innovative must-have product you didn’t know you needed! The concept is simple – core and fill bananas while in their peel to make a fun snack. The results – simply delicious! This new kitchen gadget straightens a banana, removes the core to create a space then you can stuff the inside with a variety of tasty food pairings like honey, jams and jellies, peanut butter, cream cheese, and Nutella. The interest in the gadget is exploding! Business partners and best friends Renee Heath and Bechara Jaoudeh secured a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank with two sharks, Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary! Dream team! Banana Loca has been gaining momentum ever since. Recently featured in HuffPo and on Food Network’s social media channels! 


Runamok Sparkle Syrup and Lemon Verbena Infused Honey

Runamok provides organic products such as maple syrup, hot, raw, and infused honey, and maple cocktails and bitters. Made with pure maple syrup, Sparkle Syrup is perfect for all ages and transforms everyday food and beverage into fun and whimsical creations. Runamok’s Lemon Verbena Infused Honey elevates your food experience with bright and citrusy flavors paired with herbal notes, perfect for enjoying this spring. 



Dressed Bunny Stuffed Animal

In addition to candies, plush toys in the shape of bunnies will give children fond childhood memories of the festive season as well. The MINISO Rabbit Plush Toy is made of 100% polyeaster, which allows it to stay with the children for many years without corroding. The detachable and modifiable skirt allows the user to transform it into a toy suitable for boys or girls to play with. Decorate your Easter Basket with this Rabbit Plush Toy and bring joys to your family!

Sleeping Bunny Soft Throw Pillow 

In the shape of a rabbit, MINISO Sleeping Rabbit Plush Toy is soft to the touch. The high quality filling ensures that it will not deform, providing comfortable support for the lower back and neck. It is very useful in home and can represent the good wishes for children at Easter. Its huge size allows it to be used as the main part of filling an Easter basket, giving the whole basket a full and exaggerated look.


Edx Education 

  • A leader in the international education market, exporting to over 90 countries over the past 20 years!
  • Encourage learning through play with Edx these STEM toys for kids of all ages
  • Great for sensory play, autism, fidget toys, ADHD, and others
  • Winners of the Toy Association award, Mom’s Choice Award, and Good Housekeeping award

Ramen Express by Chef Woo Ramen

Find some magic with Ramen Express tasty noodle cups and add some blue, red, or purple color to your life. And your teeth (don’t worry parents, color rinses away easily). A delicious chicken flavor that kids of all ages will love. No added MSG. No palm oil. No artificial flavors. Find it at your nearest Walmart or on Amazon.

Ramen Express is made locally in the USA by a team of ramen fanatics. They were inspired to create a line of good quality, super tasty instant ramen that everyone can enjoy. They’ve worked hard to ensure all their Ramen Express instant noodles are certified vegetarian, Kosher and Halal, and of course, certifiably delicious. They’ve also put a lot of time and effort into creating your next meal so you don’t have to!


Lace Charms

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Lace Charms –the fashionable line of unisex sneaker charms allows you to accessorize and personalize sneakers with chains, lace tips & on-trend laces, bridging the gap between fashion and sport – a new trend from the streets of Harajuku, Japan.


Kyte Baby


I have to say I love their clothes for baby, but their blankets are my all time favorite. Any time I need a baby gift, I always give a blanket along with an outfit!
Parenting littles is a study in sleep deprivation. Whether you’re sleep training a baby or contending with a toddler’s 24/7 energy (seriously, how do they do it without coffee?), we all know if they’re awake, you’re awake.
As your friends in parenthood, we want your littles to sleep better so you can too. We happen to have just the thing to help—say hello to bamboo sleep bags and PJs (and welcome back to your long-lost beauty sleep 😴).

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