The Perfect Gift to Last Throughout the Year

Gift giving is something that I always try to put a ton of thought into. To me, its an opportunity to really give someone something to show them how much they are appreciated and even potentially give them a keepsake. Having kids makes the sentiment of gifts much easier because I try to incorporate them into the gift, especially for parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Most of the people in our family have pretty much everything they absolutely NEED. So what do you get the person who already has it all? Something that will bring a smile to their face, the perfect gift is one that will last throughout the year!

The Perfect Gift to Last Throughout the Year

For the past five years, I’ve made calendars for our parents and grandparents. It is without a doubt the biggest pain in the butt and literally takes months to put together. I use an online site to create the calendar, but my calendars are extremely detailed. The calendar I make for my in laws is a little more challenging because they have nine grandchildren (number ten is on the way) and I make sure every month contains a picture of a grandchild. I start hounding my sister in laws for pictures in September or October and once November rolls around they start getting weekly (if not daily) threats reminders to send me pictures of their kids.

The Perfect Gift to Last Throughout the Year

I start by going to an online site and uploading all of the pictures I’m going to use. I use the storyboard feature to arrange the pictures by month. I try to use pictures that are appropriate for each month, for instance, Halloween costume pictures for October. Also, I add individual pictures for the day of someone’s birthday and try to add extra pictures of that person in the month.

The Perfect Gift to Last Throughout the Year

My calendar gift has slowly become a tradition that all of the parents and grandparents look forward to getting each year. Plus its so much fun to look back and see how much everyone has grown in the course of a year!

The Perfect Gift to Last Throughout the Year

What is your perfect gift that lasts throughout the year?

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