Sundae Spa Day – Little Girls Feel Like A Princess, Waterbury, CT


We had the opportunity to have a spa day at Sundae Spa in Waterbury, CT. Our couple of hours there were AWESOME! Maddison, who is 3 years old, had a fabulous time!! The girls there were terrific, and went by the names of Pez, Twix, and Rainbow Candies, which the kids just thought was so cool. They were so wonderful, and tentative to the kids, and gave a little extra help or attention to the younger ones when they needed it.


The kids started off by making a lip gloss… They got to choose, color, scent, and flavor of their own choice and do everything their selves! They also got to make their own personal labels which they thought was fun too. Then they went on to doing the hair and nails… they did the cutest little manicures, and had so many options for the hair styles! I was especially worried because my daughter still has very little hair, but they were able to put Gems in her hair that she picked out, and they came out just as easy as they went in! She was loving it, and felt just as cool as the kids with a lot of hair that picked other things.

MYW Collage

In the meantime, while some of the kids were finishing up and the other ones were already done, the girls working there were so great, they were dancing, tickling, cuddling the kids. Just wonderful!! Once all the kids were done with the special things they did, they had a big dance party, and played musical chairs! The kids loved this and you really got to see their fun personalities come out with this part of it. They were just laughing and enjoying every bit of it!!!

MYW Collage2

To top off the night, the kids all got their own Ice Cream Sundae, with all their own choices of toppings!! This place was really awesome, and I cant wait to go back… And neither can my daughter!!!!

Make sure you check out Sundae Spa in Waterbury, CT for a deliciously interactive adventure!

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Amber Durkin is a stay at home mom to her 3 year old daughter Maddison and married to her long time sweetheart.  She has 3 cats and 2 dogs, and loves to enjoy every day with her family.






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