Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

With constantly fluctuating temperatures, rain, and wind, March has not done a great job of reminding us that it is Spring.  Rest assured, however, that warmer and brighter days are on their way, and with it, brand new beauty products to switch up your routine.  It’s also the best time to change your new set. 


It is also the ideal time to cast an eye over your existing collection and get rid of anything out of date or that you don’t use. With the changing of the seasons, your skincare routine and go-to look probably need a bit of an overhaul.


With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do now to spring clean your beauty routine.


makeup routine


Check expiration dates


It is good practice to do this twice a year at least – and there is no better time to do it than the spring. Like everything, makeup and skincare products go out of date, and if you continue to use it when they are past their best, you risk skin infections and breakouts, and no one wants that. Mascara should, as a rule of thumb, be tossed away after three months. Liquid eyeliner and concealer can be kept for six months and lipstick and foundation has a shelf life of around a year. If in doubt, chuck it out!


Wash your brushes


Bacteria love makeup brushes and will breed like crazy on them. If you are using your brushes every day, aim to wash them every week. It is one of those chores that we tend to put to one side though, so create a washing station by your sink to remind you. Clean flannels, a nice jar to hold your brushes and baby shampoo to clean them is all you need.


Switch up the sun protection


We should all be wearing sun protection every day, whatever the weather. Spring is a good chance to get rid of any that have expired. If your existing one does not make your skin happy, feels too greasy or is less than SPF30, swap it out for a better one. 


Update your moisturizer


We generally do not have the same skin care needs all year round. We tend to need richer ones in the summer and something a little more lightweight for the warmer months of the year. You can buy ones with SPF built in, which is a great way to simplify your routine.


Brighten it up


While winter is the perfect time to wear deep and rich colors, spring is the time to brighten things up – and is a good excuse to go out and find the perfect eye makeup. If you can’t face delving straight into a bright palette, start off with hints of peaches and pinks and ease yourself in gently.


Think matte


In the winter we often go for products that give us a much-needed glow, but as the temperatures rise, it can leave us looking a shiny, sweaty mess. Reach for the matte foundation or use a mattifying primer or setting spray over your existing one.



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