Simplify Your Easter With A Beverage Bar from Sam’s Club

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The holidays are a great time to gather with family and loved ones, but it always seems to be overshadowed by a huge cloud of stress. Let’s face it, entertaining a large group of people can be a little crazy, between planning a menu, shopping at the stores, and actually executing all of the complex dishes. After years of toying with the idea to simplify our Easter, I finally took a stand and put the plan into motion. This year, instead of having a huge five-course dinner, we will be celebrating with an eloquent brunch featuring a beverage bar with some of our favorites for the occasion.


Our modified Easter is scaled back from every aspect, including shopping. Instead of going to a handful of different stores to pick up items, I’m hitting up Sam’s Club for a one-stop-shop. Since the beverage bar will be the highlight of our brunch, I can easily drop by Sam’s Club to get all of the ingredients, plus have enough drinks to ensure all of our guests have a variety of options. A beverage bar in our home takes on traditional drinks and puts a little spin on them while also ensuring we’re not spending hours of prep time. The most important aspect is making sure the beverages compliment the items of our brunch like waffles, bacon, home-fries, my Auntie’s famous egg cups, and my sister’s braided pastries.

Easter Beverage Bar

Sweet Tea– My husband is from the South, so naturally he enjoys sweet tea with his meals. Remember, we’re going super simple this Easter, so we will be BUYING the sweet tea versus making it from scratch. Luckily, Gold Peak® Sweet Tea captures the same home brewed taste without doing any of the legwork.

Water– We’re scaling back, but that doesn’t mean we’re drinking from the tap. smartwater® is vapor distilled with electrolytes to taste. With Sam’s Club’s bulk pack of 15 bottles, there’s plenty of smartwater® to go around.

Virgin Mimosas– Mimosas are such a staple to the beverage bar, but unfortunately my brain injury prohibits me from drinking any champagne. Sprite® to the rescue!  After testing out this tasty mix, longing for mimosas with champagne is a thing of the past. Pour your Simply Orange®, pulp free- in a glass, add a splash of Sprite® and Voila! A tasty mimosa even the kids can enjoy! If you want to jazz it up, add an orange peel or rim the glass with sugar.

Orange Juice– Simply Orange® is exactly as it’s name states, simple. Include this classic citrus drink for guests looking for a great tasking orange juice with no added preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors!

Lemonade– Its never too early to have a fresh taste of summer, but our hassle-free Easter means no homemade lemonade. We’ll be grabbing Simply Lemonade® from Sam’s Club to ensure the fresh lemonade taste leaves a mark on our beverage bar.

We’re looking forward to enjoying a stress-free Easter with a fully stocked beverage bar and an easy, yet filling brunch! Thanks to Sam’s Club, our shopping and prepping is going to be done before you can say “Happy Easter”!

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