Our Guide to the Hottest Picks in Holiday Toys

Hey there, holiday hustlers! perfect gifts, right? Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered with The Last Holiday Toy Guide You’ll Ever Need. No more stressing over trendy stuff – we’ve handpicked a bunch of awesome toys for every age and interest, so you can ditch the overwhelm and enjoy a chill shopping spree. From cool new gadgets to old-school favorites, our guide is all about making your holiday prep a breeze. Let’s swap the chaos for some laid-back gift-giving vibes and create memories that’ll outlast the wrapping paper!

Madame Alexander 

Madame Alexander is celebrating a century! In 1923, Madame Beatrice Alexander, a true American original, founded the Alexander Doll Company which would revolutionize the doll industry. Today, her legacy lives on as the Madame Alexander brand continues to make inspiring dolls that reflect a diverse, evolving world and creates kind kids for generations to come.

My First Centennial 

Madame Alexander’s My First Centennial Exclusive has a soft fabric body and soft vinyl head are perfect for little hands to grasp and pull. It is super soft and cuddly, perfect for snuggling. It has white and silver star print plush sleeper with pink embellishments and a beautiful embroidered commemorative bib. It has a medium skin tone, painted brown eyes, and an adorable expression! This doll is easy to clean and crafted of baby-safe materials. This doll exemplifies our quality craftsmanship that demonstrates “love is in the details.” It is washable, and measures 12″ tall. Recommended for ages Newborn and up.

Pink Bunny Huggums 

This beautiful baby doll with blue eyes and light brown painted hair wears a footed, pink velour onesie that has snap openings on the sides of the feet. An appliqué of a white felt rabbit with floppy bunny ears, an embroidered face and a pink organza ribbon is on the front. On the back there is an appliqué of the back view of the rabbit, complete with a tail. This baby comes with a plush white bunny that has an embroidered face and a pink satin bow. Ages 2+



Babies will love this adorable transforming fruit-inspired play gym & ball pit. This 32″ oversized play destination is packed with fun. Equipped with 40 easy-to-hold balls, 4 engaging sensory toys, 1 giant selfie mirror, and 1 super cute pineapple tummy-time bolster, the 4-in-1 Jumbo Activity Gym & Ball Pit does not disappoint. The easy ball pit system makes going from play gym to ball pit simple and quick. Plus, four amazing ways to play from overhead play, tummy time to sit and play, and an exciting toddler ball pit make this jumbo sensory-stimulating gym & ball pit a one-of-a-kind play experience. When the fun is done, simply store the balls in the mess-free watermelon-shaped ball bag. The 4-in-1 Jumbo Activity Gym & Ball Pit by Infantino offers fun stage-based play activities for developing babies from newborn to toddler. 


This fantastically soft gym has everything your little one needs to stay entertained and engaged. With a soft play mat, a musical piano, a tummy-time bolster, a seat positioner and hanging toys, your baby will never run out of things to do. The take-along musical piano is delightful, offering 7 melodies, 21 fun sounds and even a composer mode for your little creative genius. But that’s not all! This gym also supports your baby’s developmental skills through play. Encouraging sensory exploration, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive thinking, your baby will grow and learn alongside this gym. With seven different play modes, this gym will grow with your baby as they reach new developmental milestones. Plus, the included C-shape seat positioner will help your baby sit with confidence. Don’t settle for an uncomfortable playtime when you can have a soft, fun, development-boosting one. 

Far Out Toys Squadz Place

Designed with attention to detail, the series one doll line includes a cool collection of six trendy small dolls, each with its own adorable tiny home. The dolls come in blind packaging, so it is always a surprise which unique doll you’ll get in the box. Each doll comes with a stylish global streetwear outfit, two surprise collectible fashion accessories, and a home decor accessory, and the best part is that the homes can be connected, allowing you to build your very own Squadz Place community of your own design.

“Far Out Toys has long prided itself on being on the cutting edge of trends in the toy industry, and we are excited to partner with Target to launch a brand new collectible doll line,” said Keith Meggs, CEO of Far Out Toys. “Squadz Place Tokyo Trends is no different. Combining fun and funky fashion with the popularity of tiny homes, Squadz Place is a doll line like no other.”


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Coping Cuddles are handmade wonderful companions for little ones to love. Their small weighted swaddle shape allows them to be huggable. The soft simple make of the dolls give them a calming feel. Coping Cuddle dolls help teach self soothing by comforting touch and refocusing by creative play. They are more than just a doll, leaving a lasting touch upon the minds and hearts of those that embrace them.


Jams World loves to use every inch of their fabric so nothing goes to waste.  These dolls are handmade with aloha on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hula dolls measure about 11 inches, Mermaids about 12 inches long. Dolls come in an assortment of Jams World Fabric which contributes to each of these dolls being one of a kind.

Wild Republic

Wild Republic’s Ecokins stuffed animals are a heartwarming blend of environmental consciousness and cuddly companionship. These eco-friendly plush toys are crafted from 100% recycled materials, including plastic bottles and biodegradable fill, making them a sustainable choice for nature lovers of all ages. From charming sloths to playful penguins, the Ecokins collection features a diverse range of adorable animals, each meticulously designed with lifelike details and textures. These huggable creatures not only offer comfort but also serve as a valuable educational tool, helping to inspire a love for wildlife and conservation. With their commitment to both sustainability and quality, Wild Republic’s Ecokins stuffed animals provide a warm, eco-conscious embrace for both children and adults, encouraging a deep appreciation for the planet and its remarkable creatures.


Bababoo Plush Toys are a delightful and enchanting collection of cuddly companions that bring joy and comfort to children and adults alike. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these plush creatures come in a variety of charming characters, each with its unique personality and story. From lovable pandas to adorable sloths, Bababoo’s range of toys exudes quality and craftsmanship, making them cherished playmates for children. What sets these plush toys apart is not just their endearing designs but also their commitment to environmental responsibility, as they are made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Whether you’re seeking a loyal bedtime buddy or a delightful addition to your collection, Bababoo Plush Toys are a heartwarming choice that not only brightens your day but also contributes to a greener world.

Axol & Friends

Plushies With A Purpose” – Axol & Friends is not your typical plush toy brand; it’s a sustainable movement with intention. Their socially-conscious plushies, led by the adorable Axol the axolotl, are made from recycled materials and perfect for gifting. Beyond cuddles, they promote awareness of endangered species and plants, and every purchase supports nonprofit partners worldwide, fueling after-school programs that empower the next generation to become impassioned activists and environmentalists.

With a focus on inclusivity, eco-friendliness, and gender neutrality, the LGTBQ+-owned brand stands for sustainability, conservation, and animal and human rights. With therapeutic benefits like weighted designs and scented pouches, these plushies offer comfort and sensory support. They plant 10 trees for every plushie sold and prioritize ethical production. More than a brand, they’re a force for change, valuing people over profit and partnering with organizations like Ocean Co. Additionally, they don’t just sell plushies; they donate them to bring joy to children facing adversity, valuing people over profit, always. Join their mission to invest in our planet, empower youth, and create a brighter future

Dreamland Baby

Our ultra-soft, Viscose from Bamboo Pajamas feature our proprietary LuxeWeave™ fabric that infuses them with buttery softness. These dreamy pajamas are naturally moisture-wicking, gentle on your baby’s delicate skin, and breathable to soothe and comfort your little one from nighttime to naptime and beyond. Additionally, DreamCuffs™ are designed to easily pull over little hands and feet, eliminating the need for additional booties or mittens.


All Norani Baby products are 95% GOTS certified organic, including their patented Snugababe™ Sleep Pod and line of accessories – crib sheets, onesies, pajamas, changing pad covers and more.

Just Shoes For Kids

Just Shoes for Kids is the best place to buy girl’s and boy’s brands; Old Soles, Sticky Lemon, Tip Toey Joey, Atlanta Mocassin, Lilies & Roses NY, Victoria, Igor, Naturino, Falcotto, Tutto Piccolo and much more. We carry a large assortment of shoes from infant and toddler to little kid and big kid shoes. Featuring free shipping and easy returns.

Naturino leather lace up boot shoes.

Naturino is a leading Italian brand in the children’s footwear market. Established in 1974 in Civitanova Marche, in the heart of Italy, Falc is today a global and modern reality, known all over the world for the excellence, style and innovation of its products. Imported.

Just Shoes for Kids is proud to give back to our community. For every pair purchased, we donate 1% of net profit to the ELIJA Foundation for autism outreach. As the mother of two Autistic boys, thank you for supporting something so important to so many families and children.

cuddle + kind 

A brand that beautifully weaves compassion into every stitch of their delightful hand-knitted dolls. With a heartfelt mission that’s as charming as their collection, they have pledged to make a tangible difference in the lives of underprivileged children. For each doll purchased, cuddle + kind generously donates 10 meals to children who desperately need them. This dedication is not just a corporate stance but a cause deeply ingrained in their values, and they are immensely proud to have contributed over 27 million meals so far. Their collection serves a dual purpose: providing comfort and joy to the little ones who will cherish these dolls, and simultaneously nourishing those in dire circumstances. Each doll is more than a toy; it’s a catalyst for kindness and a hug to humanity. 

Jan Brett’s Winter Collection Box Set

Jan Brett’s bestselling wintry picture books The Snowy Nap, The Hat, Cozy, and The Three Snow Bears make up this collection that will warm young hearts throughout the winter.

From Hedgie’s adventures trying to stay awake to see the wonders of winter and entertaining all of his animal friends with a stocking on his head, to Cozy the musk ox keeping a sometimes boisterous group of animals warm during the Alaskan winter, and three of the furriest bears with the coziest house you’ve ever seen, Jan Brett’s favorite characters are sure to entertain during any weather.

Firefighter Dolls

A doll based on the heroic actions of women firefighters! Triple F (Fierce Female Firefighters) plush dolls were created by a woman firefighter. 

With three different characters, Ember, Ash and Molly (named after Molly Williams, an African American who was the first known female firefighter in the United States) these dolls are perfect for little girls (and boys!) to hug, hold and emulate! 

Lt. Tina Guiler, who has served in the Miami-Dade Fire Department as a firefighter, a paramedic, and a fire inspector for 24 years, wanted to create dolls to inspire little girls to join the profession she loves so dearly. In an age where representation matters, these dolls truly show that if you can see it, you can be it. With only 6% of all career firefighters being women, we have a long way to go until there’s equality in this male-dominated industry. 

For every doll purchased, a percentage of the proceeds will benefit the Triple F Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, which Lt. Guiler is the founder of. This foundation directly supports firefighters who are battling cancer or on-the-job injuries. Lt. Guiler, the Owner and CEO of Triple F, has battled breast cancer herself and designed the dolls to not only inspire young girls but to help firefighters in need.


Introduce your little one to the joys of independent eating with the 4-Piece Self-Feeding Set from Grabease. Designed with tiny hands and curious minds in mind, this set empowers your one-year-old to explore mealtimes with confidence. The divided dishware encourages healthy eating habits while promoting self-feeding skills and coordination. Crafted with safety and functionality at its core, this set is the perfect gift to nurture early milestones and create positive mealtime experiences for your growing child. Parents will love that Grabease dishes are dishwasher-friendly, microwave-safe, and made of 100% food-grade silicone that’s durable and odor and stain-resistant. The products are expert-approved and recommended by pediatricians, occupational therapists, dentists, and dietitians.

Matchstick Monkey

Made from BPA free,  non-toxic,  FDA-approved food grade silicone, Matchstick Monkey’s teethers, bathtime toys, and gift sets help develop motor skills from an early age, feature different textures and bumps to soothe sore gums, and are suitable for steam and cold water sterilization in the dishwasher. Matchstick Monkey’s teethers are one piece of silicone (with no holes) to ensure that mold and bacteria cannot grow inside the toy.

BIZYBOO Hide ‘n Seek Busy Bags 

The BUSY BAG trend dominating mom social media are reimagined as 12 super soft whimsical BIZYBOO characters  – like BLAZE the Fire Truck; CRUMBS the Cookie and SPACY THE Spaceship.  Adorable, super portable and mess free, younger kids can prod and push the beads around keeping occupied while on the road, in a car or plane!. W BIZYBOO older toddlers can also seek out 17 different letters or objects. Visual and written prompts on the front and back of each attached coated card. 

Cheeky Chompers

Panda Pals Neckerchew

Cheeky Chompers’ signature product is the Neckerchew Teething Dribble Bib, the award-winning chewy dribble bib for teething babies. The Neckerchew is a three-layer absorbent bib with a soft, pliable, textured teething triangle that gives a great bite using an innovative dimpled design. Having the teether attached to the bib means you have no more dropped teethers! The bibs come in eight fun and colorful designs and are reversible for all-day wear, even if you have to change baby’s clothes. Neckerchews are safety tested to the highest standards worldwide. It uses food-safe silicone, has no phthalates or BPA, and is machine washable.   

Panda Pals Comfortchew

Cheeky Chompers’ 4-in-1 Comfortchews are a line of soft, cuddly comfort blankets offering a comforter, teether, sensory touch tags, and the feel of their favorite teddy all in one premium quality calming solution! Comfortchews are chewable with an attached textured teether that soothes tender gums. The super soft jersey cotton on one side and the cuddly fleece on the other provide a comforting experience for all babies. Comfortchews also have an attached elastic strap that can comfortably connect to baby’s wrist, car seat, or stroller. No more dropping or losing those precious comfort blankies! The strap can also hold your baby’s pacifier, keeping it clean and in place! They come in seven delightful patterns. 


First-of-its-kind, multi-sensory, magnetic building toy that can be built in both 2D and 3D unlocking everyone’s imagination and creativity. The flexible pieces combine the magic of origami with the power of magnets to let kids build an infinite number of creations. With its stackable packing design and magnets keeping the pieces together with a click, Clixo is the perfect toy for kids – it’s mess-free, screen-free, and lets them explore creativity anywhere!

Crazy Aarons

Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside!® Jumbled Jungle Thinking Putty® is an enchanting clear thinking putty infused with a vibrant mix of multicolored leaf clay pieces, hiding six unique clay animal shapes within its transparent depths. As you squish, stretch, and mold this endlessly pliable creation, each session becomes an exciting quest to discover the concealed creatures, ensuring hours of exploration and entertainment. What’s more, it never dries out, so you can enjoy this sensory adventure again and again. Suitable for all ages and crafted in the USA with the finest materials from around the world, Crazy Aaron’s Hide Inside!® Jumbled Jungle Thinking Putty® promises a world of tactile fun and creativity, making it the perfect addition to your playtime repertoire.


Yummy Yummy Pens and Markers by Ooly are a delightful and innovative addition to the world of stationery. These whimsically designed writing instruments offer a burst of creativity and fun in every stroke. With a mouthwatering array of scents that range from sweet and fruity to delectable dessert-inspired fragrances, using these pens and markers becomes a sensory experience that engages both the imagination and the senses. Whether you’re taking notes, drawing, or simply doodling, these vibrant, scented markers and pens bring an extra layer of enjoyment to your writing endeavors. Perfect for both kids and adults, Ooly’s Yummy Yummy collection transforms ordinary writing into an exciting multisensory adventure. To explore the full range of scents and colors, visit Ooly’s website and discover the delightful world of Yummy Yummy Pens and Markers.


The Plus Plus Big Learn to Build Activity Set offers a world of creativity with its elegantly simple design. With just one versatile shape, these bricks easily connect to one another, providing endless possibilities for young builders. Whether creating colorful flat mosaics or more intricate 3-D structures, children can mix and match Plus-Plus sets to bring their unique ideas to life, fostering fine motor skills, logic, creativity, and imagination in a screen-free environment. This STEM | STEAM toy combines elements of engineering, art, and math, resulting in hours of engaging fun. Perfect for on-the-go entertainment, it’s an ideal companion for car rides, restaurants, playdates, or at-home adventures. The set is preschool-friendly, designed for children aged 2 and up, with larger pieces that are easy for little hands to manipulate. Plus, each piece is made from high-quality, BPA-free, and phthalate-free plastic, and the product is manufactured in Denmark in an eco-friendly, zero-plastic-waste factory powered by renewable wind energy. The Plus Plus Big Learn to Build Activity Set includes 130 big pieces in a colorful mix, instructional cards for learning and building, one white big baseplate, and four wheels, providing a comprehensive and educational building experience.

Semper Smart Games

Understanding that play is the mind’s favorite way of learning, Semper Smart Games™ has a mission of creating uniquely fun and educational games that teach invaluable skills and knowledge. We create games that you can play at home, in the classroom, or almost anywhere you can find a small playing surface. We are committed to giving today’s families meaningful tactile gaming options that are not screen based and encourage personal interaction.


Fun restaurant-themed game with vocabulary words and engaging conversation prompts engages the whole family in creative sharing about their day, recent experiences, thoughts, insights and much more! 

Includes over 200 vocabulary word cards for varying skill levels: appetizer word cards (easier), entree word cards (medium difficulty) and dessert word cards (most challenging), as well as 12 restaurant menu cards that include 48 conversation topic choices for players. 

Pick word cards depending on your desired skill level and see how much fun it is to weave curriculum-inspired vocabulary words into conversations on the daily menu topics! 

Plays right out of the box with instructions that take less than a minute to understand!


A wildly fun push-your-luck game of strategy and chance that sharpens math tallying skills 

Roll the uniquely numbered PlaySmart Dice and accumulate as much money as you can before you bust! 

Bank your winnings or risk them… it’s up to you. But watch out for double-number rolls! 

For young and old alike! Add real money to the game for more motivational learning and explore different modes of play by adding the Mayhem cards. 

Comes with four custom PlaySmart Dice, 4 Score Cards 4 Mayhem Cards, realistic plastic coins, a money till, and a felt-lines dice rolling lid.


Our passion is to create Toymaker kits that help you to connect deeply with your family and loved ones. We work hard to give you the tools to easily make gorgeous, eco-friendly, educational, and heirloom-quality toys; toys that tell the story of your love.


It’s a puzzle! It’s a Toy! It’s A Paint-By-Number! OH… WAIT. It’s a…. BUZZLE

Paint-By-Numbers has never been so fun! This Christmas, gift PLAYABLE art with Paint-By-Number wooden block puzzle toys! You can easily create beautiful puzzle designs to make heirloom-quality toys that are safe for baby’s playtime… If the adults will can stop playing with them first! 

Buzzles are found ONLY at Bridgewood; we are the only ones in the world making Buzzles! And supplies are VERY limited; Garden Buzzles sold out in under eighteen hours! 

Bright Stripes- Magic Scrunch Pillow

The new Magic Scrunch Pillow by Bright Stripes is the hot new holiday find that encourages hands-on DIY creativity.

It can be finished in under an hour, while it looks like it took many hours to make! Upon completion, kids have an adorable pillow to add to their room, camping gear, or travels. Educators will tell you that crafts, such as the Magic Scrunch Pillow, are a hands-on activity with numerous benefits, from developing fine motor skills to building resilience and critical thinking in our younger generation. Magic Scrunch Pillow ($24.99) is available in four cute and unique styles. Choose from Cupcake, Unicorn, Kitty, and Puppy designs. Just weave, scrunch, and stuff an adorable, loopy character in an hour or less!Features beautiful embroidered accents and felt pieces that weave right on. (ages 6+)! Made from 90% post-consumer recycled fabric and stuffing. No cutting or sewing is involved!

TeeTurtle/Unstable Games

Casting Shadows is an immersive strategic board game from the creators of Unstable Unicorns and Here To Slay! It is set in an enchanting world that’s been overtaken by dark energy. Throughout the game, you’ll collect resources, learn new spells, summon a companion, and – if you’re lucky – unlock your Shadow Form, all in the quest to become the ultimate Shadow Caster. The last player standing after this supernatural showdown wins the game!

Meemzy Magic

With a themed sensory kit from Meemzy Magic, open-ended play is always within arms reach!

Sensory kits are the must-have toy for toddlers and children, designed to encourage learning through creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving. They feature a range of items, made of various materials and textures keeping your little ones engaged in independent play for hours. There are many benefits of sensory play, for both tots and their parents! Non-restrictive play assists with cognitive growth, language development, and motor skills. While parents enjoy peace of mind, thanks to safe and sustainable toys that offer guilt-free entertainment.

Mailbox Mutts

Got mail? There’s one cute little plush pup that sure does, coming straight to kids’ mailboxes with fun letters filled with adventurous stories and educational facts about animals and geography. Mailbox Mutts is a unique plush 25-piece playset with super soft cuddly BFF friend Milo who comes in a pretend play mailbox and so much more. This playset includes a redemption card to get four REAL letters from Milo. This hardworking pup delivers personalized letters to kids each week. It’s a unique gift that makes reading fun and fosters imagination year-round! This gift can be shared with the whole family and creates a reading experience meant to engage young minds and foster imagination. Plus, kids feel so very important getting their own mail.

Also check out hot toys for every age and must haves for new moms and infants.

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