Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun time to experiment in the world of make believe. You may be busy thinking of the perfect outfit for your little one and not even realize this is your opportunity to have a little fun! There are so many costume options for kids (and adults) and depending what your kids are into, you can have costumes that vary from Mickey Mouse to Vampires and anything in between. If you plan on going out for Halloween with your family, why not make the most of it and think of a family costume theme.


My oldest has been really into Avengers. Last year he decided to dress as the Hulk, so we put our baby in Iron Man and my husband dressed up as Thor. It was going to be the “perfect” family affair, until both of my boys got sick. Everyone dressed up in their costumes, we took one picture on the back deck, and then everyone came in, took off their costumes and went to bed. My little guy was so disappointed that we promised this Halloween we would ALL dress up (including mommy) again. My husband even agreed to grow his hair out to look like Thor (and he’s stayed true to his word, not having a haircut since last October).

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The anticipating has been growing as Halloween approaches, and we WILL be going as an Avenger family .. complete with a nine month pregnant Black Widow (yours truly). While we are a family of Avengers, there are plenty of other costumes to coordinate with your entire family!


What will you pick as your family Halloween costume?

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