Bathhouse Spa- Luxury Spa, Vegas Style

The Delano hotel was luxury at its finest and its signature spa, Bathhouse held true to its reputation. Vegas is oozing with casinos and shows, but sometimes you need a nice break from the go-go-go. There’s no better way to rejuvenate yourself then to #MakeItHappen with some “me” time at the spa.

Semi-hidden on the second floor of the hotel, Bathhouse Spa is truly a treasure in the Delano. The ladies at the reception desk have the greatest job in the world, happily leading you to paradise. Tuck your belongings into your lockers, and head to the inner spa sitting area to relax before your treatment.


The fireplace and extra comfy cushions made me second guess if I wanted to leave for my service treatment. I decided to give it a go and indulged in the 80 minute Cactus and Desert Lily Firming Treatment. This body specific exfoliation came from a brush made from cactus bristles that I got to take home as a partying gift (score!) I felt like an A list celebrity getting the finest body firming treatment in the spa. This is what its like to be a #PoweredByLumia girl!

Delano Las Vegas - BATHHOUSE Spa - Bath

Beverages and snacks like fresh fruit and pretzels, coffee, tea, and freshly squeezed juices are waiting for you after your treatment. Next we decided to explore all the amenities the spa had to offer. The Steam Room was pretty amazing. I never went in one before and all I could picture was the episode of Friends where Chandler’s eyeglasses steamed up. I only lasted a few minutes but it was a perfect transition to the pools. There is a choice of various pools based on the temperature you desire. After a quick dip I couldn’t resist but to step into the Sauna, which was so relaxing and enjoyable all to myself.

The contemporary tiles and textured walls slid right into line with the modern concepts of the Delano. The full service showers hand powder area was clean and sleek, fully stocked with everything you could possibly need to bathe.

Bathhouse Architecture

For the first time ever, I actually showered in the spa! I didn’t want to think of the energy it would take to get dressed and go ALL the way to my hotel room (I was on the 37th floor) then have to shower and get ready. This was the perfect way to reenergize and not seep into a lounge day funk!

It was incredibly hard not to make another appointment for the following day, but somehow I mustered up enough courage to bid adieu in hopes I will one day return to the Bathhouse Spa at the Delano.

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