Avoid The Oops On Those Poops with Walmart

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Stocking up on essential items like diapers is critical, especially in the summer! You’re constantly on the go, and moving diapers in and out of various bags, which can be hard to track when your supply is running low. Nothing is worse than knowing there is a potential blow out, and reaching for the very last diaper in your stash .. or worse reaching only to find there’s NO diapers left! With Walmart’s help I’ll be able to avoid the oops on those poops this summer!

Avoid The Oops On Those Poops with Walmart

We currently have two little ones in diapers, which means we need plenty of space just for their diapers when traveling. In the summer, we road trip to visit family in the south, and although we have an SUV, space can be very limited. Walmart helps us to conserve space and make sure our everyday essentials are not forgotten. I head to the Shop Baby section on AvoidTheOops.com and have our items shipped directly to our destination!

Avoid The Oops On Those Poops with Walmart

I try not to over pack when traveling, but laundry can really pile up quickly while we’re away. Between spit up, messy eating, and playing hard, my kids can easily run out of clean clothes within a few days. Its happened in the past and I refuse to be that relative who allowed her kid to wear the two-day old dirty tshirt to the family picnic! Luckily, we’ve decided to pack a fair amount of clothes and do laundry while we’re away!  As another space saver, I can visit the Shop Laundry section on AvoidTheOops.com and count on Walmart to deliver my detergent directly to my vacation door! With expedited shipping, even last minute isn’t an issue!

Avoid The Oops On Those Poops with Walmart

Check out the different sections on www.AvoidTheOops.com for your everyday essentials!

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Avoid The Oops On Those Poops with Walmart

We’re ordering our Dreft and Pampers and hitting the road.. leaving the oops on poops behind!


What “oops” moment have you experienced?



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