Simple Meals To Please Even The Pickiest Of Eaters

Picky eaters are hard to deal with when you’re planning a dinner party or invite them over for a meal. In the best scenarios, they might not want to be rude, but they will have a hard time eating what you serve and you might notice it. For the younger (or ruder) of picky eaters, they might flat out decline a meal in front of your face. While improving our relationship with food so we can enjoy all the culinary world has to offer is important, you might also want to learn a few eager-to-please meals that will keep everyone happy.



A good pasta bake

The pasta baked is one of the most versatile recipes you can hope to find. You can take this creamy salmon pasta recipe, for instance, and exchange many of the ingredients that create the most flavor without varying the recipe too much. For instance, you can swap out the salmon for chicken, and cook the chicken in its own way without having to change how you prepare the pasta or sauce, itself. As such, if you have a picky guest staying with you or you’re trying to introduce a child to new flavors, varying a pasta bake over time is a good way to do it.


A good casserole goes a long way

There are few meals that capture the home comfort of food quite as effectively as the casserole. The variation of combinations in a casserole is, effectively, endless, and finding the recipe that works best for you might take a little experimentation. Most look something like this king ranch casserole recipe, using some sort of meat, cheese, sauce, and tortillas. It’s the right mix of flavors all working together to create a savory, inoffensive taste that makes it an easy treat for just about anyone. That’s not to say you can’t get a little more experimental with a casserole, of course.


A delicious lasagna

All of the best recipes for so-called picky eaters tend to share a few things in common. They tend not to get much more complicated than some sort of staple grain food, meat, cheese, and sauce. Another meal that shares this in common, but one that is slightly more flavorful and a little more advanced to make, is a lasagna. You can make an easy homemade lasagna without any fancy appliances, but it’s also one of the meals that you can get quite experimental with seasoning and flavors without ruining the base recipe.


Don’t forget the healthier options

On a hot summer day, you might want to opt for something a little lighter. All of the meals above are pretty calorie-filled, too, and you might want to go for something healthier. As such, the caesar salad can be a great summer dinner, as it includes plenty of leafy greens, but you can still keep the familiar flavors with some nice grilled chicken pieces. What’s more, once you get a picky eater introduced to it, you can add some new vegetables to try to expand their taste profiles, too.

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