Name Our Baby and Win

Parenting is one of the greatest jobs in the entire world. It encompasses the highest of highs, with some challenges peppered in along the way, but the joy and happiness that surrounds being a parent, is so much more than can ever be put into words. With the greatest job in the world also comes the greatest responsibilities..like keeping another human alive, making sure they are well cared for, and of course starting them off with a NAME.

Name Our Baby and Win #FallFun31

Seeing we are expecting baby number three to be here in less than a month, one would think that the name game has been well played and conquered, resulting with an incredible name that we’ve been using. NOPE. Truth is, our baby girl has no name. We call her no name baby or Nonamé (which is actually starting to have a ring to it) and we’re to the point now where we don’t even have a few names narrowed down!

My husband doesn’t like any of the names I like and im super picky about the name not being too short and being able to have a good nickname (since a name is always shortened no matter what). I’m fairly certain that both of our boys had names secured by the beginning of my third trimester. We did opt to keep their names a surprise, and most people think we’re following suit, but our poor little Nonamé is simply nameless.

Name Our Baby and Win #FallFun31

So in the fun of social media, competition, and plain ol desperation we’re having a contest to NAME OUR BABY! If you happen to be the lucky one to suggest the name we decide for our baby girl you’ll win bragging rights and a Starbucks gift card!

Here are the rules and guidelines

  • Name cannot be in top girls name list. While I love the names Isabella, Mia, and Sophia .. We want something a little less common.
  • Both of our boys’ names start with the letter T. We are NOT set on baby girl’s name starting with T, but not opposed to it either.
  • The name must long enough to have a nickname. Names like Tori, Tara, and Zoe are great but they’re too short.
  • In order to be eligible, you must comment with the name in the bottom of this post.
  • For duplicate names, entry will go to first person that provided name.


Name Our Baby and Win #FallFun31

Let us know what we should name our baby girl!
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  1. Lori Ranalli says:

    We had picked out a boys name and a girls name while I was pregnant because we did not find out the gender. Second runner up for girls name was Georgia and we would have called her GiGi. Still love that name, but Lorelei is my favorite . Congrats again Carissa!

    1. Thanks Lori!! For the record- I think Lorelei is a gorgeous name! Every time I see it, I think of your beautiful little girl <3

  2. Stephanie says:

    My baby girls name is Brooklyn but I also like name Olivia we call our baby Brooke and Olivia would be livi

    1. Love it! Thanks Steph!

  3. We were blessed with boys but each time I was ready with my girl names….Nora and Audrina. Can’t wait to meet the little princess and see what name you come up with! xo

  4. Matt Goodwin says:

    Just a thought. But Marion (insert last name) has a nice ring to it and would bring a smile to your husbands face and family. Mary for short.

  5. I had two boys. But if I ever had a baby girl I planned to name her Lainey. Good luck with your decision!

  6. Tamara (Tam)
    Taylor (Tay)
    Tabitha (Tabby)
    Tiffany (Tiff)
    Tallula (Lula or Lulu)
    Tanaysia (Nay)
    Teagan (Tea/Tee)

    Non “T” names I like – Sharon Rose (Share for short), Lillian (Lil or Lilly), Dreama, Olivia (Liv), and I do love Isabella Rose (Izzy, Bell, or Bella). 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Donna!

  7. Charlotte (Charlie)
    Adalyn (Addy)
    Makenna (Kenna)
    Vivian (Vivi
    Gianna (Gigi)
    Genevieve (Evie of Vivi)

    If she is born on the 19th I think she should Be Katharine Grace or Elizabet Grace 😉

    1. LOL.. we may have to do another giveaway to guess the day she is born 🙂 Thanks for the name suggestions!!

  8. Mandy Naclerio says:

    We named our daughter Olivia and call her Livi. I love the idea of keeping the names starting with “T” so I vote Tessa or Taya

  9. I vote for Melanie!
    And congrats I didn’t even know you were having another baby!!

    1. Thanks Shannon! Melanie is a very pretty name! Cant believe how big she is!

  10. Yvonne is a lovely name and it wouldn’t be weird at all if you named her that.

    You’re welcome. Please donate my winnings to charity.

    1. Funny- one of our best friends is named Yvonne.. another great name though!

  11. Penelope (Penny)
    Alina (Lina)
    Kadence (Kade)
    Cecilia (Cece)

  12. Esme (ez-me) or Es for short.

  13. My daughter (who is my baby #3 after two boys) is Ansley. Definitely not common. I also love Ainsley.

  14. Tessa

  15. Amelia is a great classic name

  16. I wanted to name my oldest Jade, but my friends mom talked me out of it. At the time my I had just watched the movie Endless Love, with Brooke Shield, I admired the characters passion and independent nature. I really like the name Tatiana. Tatti, or Ana could be her nickname. Tatiana is Russian and it means princess. looking forward to finding out the baby girls name!

    1. Tatiana

  17. My granddaughter’s name is Joslynn Dakoda and we call her Jos or Josi.

    I have a friend who named her daughter Madaline and they call her Maddie.

    I’ve always liked a gender neutral name or one that is usually thought of as a boys name like Sydney.

  18. Nonamé reminds me of Naomi.. Which is cute and different! Good luck 🙂

  19. I would have named Cooper .. Piper it’s my favorite girl name. can’t wait to meet her

    1. Thanks Heidi! I cant wait to meet her either!

  20. Alessandra?
    Hmmm cousin, I can’t think of one that doesn’t end in a vowel! Lol

    1. haha .. I love the endings in vowels .. keep em coming! Thanks Debbie xo

  21. Christine says:


  22. I have a beautiful name….. Tianna meaning princess

  23. I am sure you two will choose a perfect name for the little princess. I like Trissa and Tiffani. Also I saw where several had suggested Elizabeth. That is Mamaw Beam’s real name lots of options for nicknames there. Also she pronounces my first name Shay-ron. I have wished many times she had called me that and been called Shay for short. Take names you like but maybe just not unique enough – play around with putting different letters at the front and creating your own name. Whatever you choose I cannot wait to see this little angel.

  24. Gemma or Gem for short. A precious Gem of course 😉

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