My #MothersPromise With Pampers Premium Diapers 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Pampers, however all opinions are my own.

We have always been a Pampers family, and were so excited when we saw Pampers Premium Care diapers. Quality is really important to us since we spend so much time changing diapers. Every parent knows, a blow-out is your worst nightmare. Pampers Premium Care diapers puts your mind at ease from blow-outs and leakage.
Our son is now 18 months and always on the go. We heavily rely on diapers that offer full coverage and could easily withstand the wear and tear of an on-the-go toddler. When first using the Pampers Premium Care Diapers, I immediately noticed the incredible softness of the diapers. Both of our sons have always had sensitive skin so I loved the fact that the diapers do not have a strong perfume odor.

The Pampers Premium diapers are extremely breathable and have one of my favorite features (which I like to call the cheat line) that turns from yellow to green when wet. The wetness indicator is awesome, especially when Grandma is babysitting. She is easily able to identify when little Prince is ready for a diaper change.


My #MothersPromise to my kids was to always keep them in a comfortable diaper that would give them protection. We always opted for a nighttime diaper for extra protection, however the Pampers Premium diapers have been wonderful at night. Our little man can sleep all night without waking up to wet pajamas and a wet sheet. It’s a beautiful thing to wake up with no leaks after a full night’s sleep!

Pampers Premium Diapers are available for sale at WalMart, which makes it super convenient. Here is some other key features about Pampers Premium Diapers:

• Absorb Away Liner: Pulls wetness and mess away from baby’s skin

• Breathable Material: To keep air circulating around baby’s skin

• Extra Absorb Channels: Helps distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours of protection – Hypoallergenic – Wetness Indicator: Lets you know when your baby might need a change

• Available for purchase at Walmart later this month

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I would recommend the Pampers Premium diapers for any parent that wants huggable, yet breathable diapers and offers full coverage from leaks. We will definitely be continuing the Pampers Premium diapers for our toddler and using them for our newborn this fall!


What is your #MothersPromise for your little one?

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