My Holiday Wish List

The holidays are all about the kids. I love watching the excitement on their faces as they see their pile of gifts and open each one, with a smile that grows bigger and bigger. But lets be honest.. I’d be totally lying and in denial if I didn’t say that OF COURSE I have my own Holiday Wish List. I’m completely fine with not getting anything on it, but I always make sure to have one on hand JUST in case we hit Powerball right before Christmas… at least my husband will have some idea where to start. So here it goes .. My Holiday Wish List

My Holiday Wish List

Ugg Boots– I love my Ugg boots, but they’ve seen quite a few winters. Since I am such a lover of bows, I of course, LOVE the Ugg boots with bows on the side. Super cute and comfy, these are at the top of my wish list.

Tiffany & Co– Basically anything in the Elsa Peretti or Paloma Picasso collection is a win for me. It doesn’t matter if its earrings, rings, or bracelets, I love them all! Tiffany also happens to have a great line of jewelry with bows on it … PERFECT for this girl!

Pajamas– I know this may be a boring one, but I am a lover of pajama sets. Victoria’s Secret has (in my opinion) some of the most comfortable sets.

New Pair of Slippers– I wear slippers everyday. I got a pair for Christmas last year and I absolutely love them, however they’re looking a little worn and I could use a new pair.

Cowgirl Boots– I may not NEED these, but I’ve wanted a pair for a really long time. Plus this is a WISH LIST so why not?

Plaid Flannel Shirts– It just seems to go with the request for Cowgirl boots. I have a few plaid shirts but they aren’t flannel. As I think about the cold weather creeping upon us, I have a strong desire for clothing that carries a lot of warmth and style.

My Holiday Wish List

My Holiday Wish List isn’t completely over the top. I always try to mix in some practicality in there .. ya know .. just in case anyone out there is looking for tips!


Whats on the top of YOUR Holiday Wish List?
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  1. LOL
    You are such a girl!
    I dont think I put a single thing like that on my list. I think I’m more practical, however I would love any of those things!

    Great stuff but the idea to do this post was so that I could shop for you guys. Where the $20 and under list? sheesh

    1. LOL.. slippers! I may have to do an under $20 list next

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