Make Baby’s First Year Easier with Enfamil® NeuroPro and Playtex Baby™ Nurser Bottles with Drop-Ins® Liners

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*I received product and compensation from Mead Johnson Nutrition and Playtex Baby to create this post written by me. All experiences and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not those of Mead Johnson Nutrition nor Playtex Baby. For questions about Enfamil NeuroPro, you can contact Mead Johnson Nutrition at 1-800-BABY-123 (1-800-222-9123). For questions about Nurser bottles with Drop-Ins liners, you can contact Playtex Baby at 1-888-310-4290.

Baby’s first year is filled with so much excitement as you watch your little one grow and embrace their milestones. For first time parents, it can also be very overwhelming, from trying to find the perfect bottle to budgeting the amount of formula you’ll have to purchase for the month. Enfamil NeuroPro™ and Playtex Baby™ Nurser Bottles with Drop-Ins® Liners help new parents to make baby’s first year easier – they allow you to easily transition your baby to a bottle all while saving money.

Adjusting to life with a new baby during the first year can be very challenging. You’re fighting sleepless nights and a fussy baby, all while trying to figure out a new routine with the little person you created and love more than life. As a mom of three, I could remember the panic that ensued when bringing my first born home from the hospital and thinking “What’s next?” Luckily I had an incredible support system of seasoned moms who were always there to give me the best tips and tricks of motherhood during the first year. Here are some of the best tips I’ve given and received, to put a little sanity and comfort in the first twelve months.

There are such things as the perfect pajamas and they have zippers. When we shopped for clothing for my first born, we grabbed whichever sleepers were the cutest and coziest. Fast forward to kid three, and I was quickly going through the racks to find the zip-up sleepers. If there wasn’t a large selection of zip-up, I bought doubles! Nothing is worse at 2 am than trying to snap buttons only to discover you missed one and having to re-snap the entire sleeper.

Establishing consistent routines is the key to survival. Whether you’re on maternity leave, going back to work, or embracing your life as a stay at home mom, having a routine will help your baby feel safe and make transitions easy. They’ll have the security of knowing tummy time is before breakfast, mommy reads before nap time, and mommy makes a bottle before bed. Plus, establishing a routine before bedtime will help babies to relax and sleep better, which means a more restful night’s sleep for you!

Transitioning your baby to a bottle is a piece of cake when you have the right bottle. The dreaded moment for so many nursing moms is transitioning their baby to a bottle. You’re nervous enough about the transition and then overwhelmed with the different products that are available. My best friend is due to have her baby this month and I picked her up the Playtex Baby™ Nurser Bottles with Drop-Ins® Liners. Playtex Nurser’s Naturalatch nipple creates a seamless transition between breast and bottle making it closer to breastfeeding than any other bottle system. The unique liners are pre-sterilized guaranteeing a clean bottle for every feeding, without her doing all the cleaning. Plus the liners contract for air-free feeding like breastfeeding, to reduce colic, gas &fussiness.

You don’t HAVE to breastfeed in order for baby to receive MFGM & DHA. Mead Johnson agrees that breast milk has benefits that infant formula doesn’t yet replicate. However, their infant formulas, are helpful to your baby’s health and development. Fortunately we have options like Enfamil® NeuroPro™ Infant formula that have MFGM & DHA to help nourish baby’s brain. This unique blend offers brain-building benefits, aiding in cognitive development, similar to those of breastmilk.* I want to make sure my best friend has everything she needs when she gets home from the hospital, so I picked her up a container of Enfamil NeuroPro™  formula.

Take the opportunity to save money where you can. Shop at retailers like Walmart where you can pick up all of the necessities for baby and save. Take advantage of those large coupons too! While supplies last, moms can purchase Enfamil® NeuroPro and Nurser with Drop-Ins® Liners at Walmart and save up to $6.50 with Ibotta. To redeem the offer, download the Ibotta app, scan your receipt with both items, and save!

For more Enfamil information, visit or call 1-800-BABY-123 (1-800-222-9123) and you can also join Enfamil Family Beginnings(R) for up to $400 in gifts* and a chance to win a $25,000 Scholarship for your baby!

Visit to join and request a free sample.

*benefits may vary

There will be lots of diapers, drool, tears, and giggles once your baby arrives. As you’re embarking on the first twelve months, be sure to embrace ALL of the moments.


This is sponsored by Enfamil® NeuroPro™ and Playtex Baby™ Nurser with Drop-Ins® Liners

*In amounts supported by clinical research. As measured by Bayley cognitive scores.

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