Family Halloween Safety

Halloween is almost here, which means lots of kids getting ready to gear up in their favorite superhero costume and hit the pavement for the goods. While candy and sweets is the kids top priority, safety is lingering in the minds of most parents. This Halloween, go over these quick safety tips with your kids and shift your main focus to the fun!

Family Halloween Safety #FallFun31

  1. Light it up! While a huge flashlight may be overkill and the flashlight on your cell phone will just drain the battery by the end of the second block, pick up some Halloween themed lights. You can find pumpkin flashlights perfect for little Trick or Treaters at your local dollar store OR grab some glow sticks for the kids to carry around. Either way, you’ll be able to see much better- and preserve your battery for all those action pics!
  2. Be groupies! Make sure the group stays together. Go over the ground rules that no one runs off to different house, everyone goes up to the door together and you wait for everyone to get the goods before running to the next house. Staying a little organized will help make the night run smooth and make your stress level low.
  3. Don’t eat and walk! While its hard not to eat everything as soon as you get it, make a rule that there’s no eating the candy as your Trick or Treating. It’ll give you the opportunity to look over your kids’ candy and will lessen the likeliness of a belly ache since its really easy to lose sight of the amount of candy you’re inhaling while you’re on the go!
  4. Accessorize your costume with color! While it may not be possible to wear reflective clothing with an Incredible Hulk costume, pick up some glow bands that can easily be worn around the neck or wrist. This will brighten up any dark clothing making it easy for you (and others) to spot your little ones. *Tip: You can get a package of glow bands from the dollar store and have enough for everyone in your Trick or Treat crew!
  5. Map it out! Even if you’re not dressing up as a pirate, plot out a map of your Trick of Treat adventure. This will keep everyone organized and also let group members know where to go if they get separated. Set a starting and ending location and make sure everyone in the group is aware and familiar with the locations!

Family Halloween Safety #FallFun31

Take these tips and hit the road!

What is your favorite part of Trick Or Treating with the family?

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