Daddy Wants To Score- Sports and Spirits Guide


Across The Board

Dad will love these officially licensed games featuring NASCAR, NCAA, The Kentucky Derby and more! Across the Board is a family-owned and operated business from St. Louis that encourages everyone to spend more time with the ones they love. The brand’s high-quality, handcrafted, unique wooden boards are made with premium materials. Each set is crafted with precise attention to detail and the utmost care you can feel. Add Across The Board to all your get-togethers! Their classic board games and officially licensed games make them a hit at every type of party. Perfect for family reunions, game nights, BBQs, tailgating, and more.

Skip’s Garage

Skip’s Garage has been manufacturing and selling the best cornhole boards for years, and it is no surprise why. Their commitment to providing superior customer service and crafting high-quality products has earned them the respect of both casual players and professional tournament athletes alike.

The boards created by Skip’s Garage are designed with precision and expertise, making them the perfect fit for any cornhole enthusiast. They feature strong and durable construction with smooth sanded surfaces, as well as vibrant colors and designs that will keep everyone entertained during any game night. The boards come in a variety of sizes to fit any yard or venue, and their lightweight design makes them easy to transport.

Cornhole accessories are also available to complete your game night. Skip’s Garage has cornhole bags, scoreboards, and lighting packages that will take your game to the next level. Additionally, they offer a variety of custom services if you want something more personal. They can create personalized designs or even build themed boards for special occasions such as birthdays and corporate events.

No matter what your needs, Skip’s Garage can provide you with the perfect cornhole set up to suit your needs. With their commitment to quality and customer service, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible product for your money. Visit today and start playing like a pro!”

LESLIE’S- Bulz-i-Bucket game

This Water Sports Bulz-i-Bucket game sold at Leslie’s can be played in or out of the water with rules similar to corn hole. It’s 1/10th the size and weight of traditional corn hole games with new options to score points: throw it, assist it or hack it. Points are scored based on where you land the bag – in the blue, white or red bucket. The backpack carrying case, portability and easy assembly make it great for the pool, patio, backyard, or to take to the beach, camping trip or a friend’s house. The Americana theme makes it the perfect game for the upcoming July 4th holiday and all summer long!

Groovy Golfer

From fun headcovers to custom divot tools, we’ve got gear that will make a statement on the course.

Embroidered Towels

Stay dry and focused on the course with our All Weather Custom Golf Towel. Made from high-quality cotton and polyester material, this towel quickly absorbs moisture, making it perfect for wiping off rain or sweat. Its handy carabiner allows you to easily attach it to your golf bag, keeping it within reach whenever you need it. The durable construction of this towel ensures that it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and frequent use, so you can rely on it for years to come. Add this All Weather Towel to your golfing essentials and keep your hands and equipment dry and clean throughout your game.

The durable construction of this towel ensures that it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and frequent use, so you can rely on it for years to come. Add this Golf Rain Towel to your golfing essentials and keep your hands and equipment dry and clean throughout your game.

This durable towel is made to be personalized, add your info to the personalization box above.


Free Shipping with code: FATHERSHIP

The best Father’s Day Gift this season for under $15 is GRIPONCHO. A great gift for dads, grandfathers, brothers, cousins, or ANY golf enthusiast. Available exclusively on, GRIPONCHO is a waterproof, vibrant, and compact golf club grip sleeve. During an early morning tee time when dew is still covering the tee box, or during inclement weather, GRIPONCHO will keep your grip dry while you wait, or between rounds. No more clubs slipping out of your hands. The vibrant green and yellow colors are attention-grabbing, and will also save you from leaving one of your clubs on the green. Shipping is available within a few days, so it’s perfect as a last-minute item as well! 

Golf Divot Repair Tool Marker by Tember

Ball marks are made when the golf ball hits the putting green, leaving a little depression in the ground. A small crater, you might say.United States Golf Association (USGA) recommends that every golfer should repair divots on the green.
The most courteous golf players fix their own ball mark and at least one other.

So we’ve bundled a 7-in-1 golf divot tool with unbreakable golf tees in a nice-looking gift box.

-Tember Golf Divot Tool and Ball Marker will make you feel like the Boss of the Moss
-Now you can flawlessly repair any ball mark and keep the golf course green
-7 in 1 Divot Tool can also be attached to your belt clip or golf bag to prevent from losing it
-It can also be used as a bottle opener and has a cleaning brush and clubface cleaner
-You can use the cigar/club rest on top of the multitool to keep your Havana or club dry
-Unbreakable golf tees are 3 1⁄4″ and have less friction with the ball, so your drives will go straighter and longer.
-Everything is put on  green velvet in a sturdy, matt finish box
-Nothing in this universe is unbreakable, except your will to play golf.

Bradshaw Burgers

Only a football legend can create a burger like this!

Crafted by Terry Bradshaw and his son-in-law, award-winning chef Noah Hester, Bradshaw Ranch Thick N Juicy burgers are made with award-winning Angus beef. The burger patties are available in ⅓ or ¼ pound patties with flavors that include original, plus cheddar cheese & bacon; and cheddar cheese, garlic & butter. Bradshaw Ranch Thick N Juicy Burgers sold over 3.5 million pounds of burgers in its first year in the market. They are currently available in more than 8,000 retail stores across the United States including Shaw’s (Albertsons), Meijer, Publix and select Walmart locations with additional locations continuing to be added. The MSRP starts at $9.99.


BumperBar is the world’s first compact, portable bar system perfect for all indoor and outdoor social gatherings! The modular design allows you to create a bar that fits your needs on the go; you can turn it into an alcohol/snack/coffee/taco bar, charcuterie station, or even use it for home organization on the kitchen counter, especially while entertaining at home… the options are endless!

The durable, heavy-duty, yet compact BumperBar and its essential deluxe accessories create a convenient station on the go where everything needed to make epic drinks has dedicated storage compartments. It’s here as we head out again to enjoy warm weather, e.g., tailgating, sporting events, camping/RV, boating, backyard bash, and beach time fun. Look at this gallery to picture yourself among the thousands who take BumperBar with them while out and about. It brings the party to you and your friends… now, that’s something to cheer(s) about!;)

Sammy Hagar’s Cocktail Hits: 85 Personal Favorites from The Red Rocker 

Spirits trailblazer, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Sammy Hagar’s first cocktail book – it’s everything you could need for your home bar. Sammy knows that some of life’s greatest memories are over cocktails, and “Sammy Hagar’s Cocktail Hits: 85 Personal Favorites from the Red Rocker chronicles Sammy’s storied life with drinks inspired by that journey – from the laid-back beaches of Cabo and Hawaii to the dazzle of Hollywood and Las Vegas. Plus, this book covers everything from tools of the trade and glassware to bases and purees. The book is rated 5 stars out of more than 400 reviews on Amazon! The cocktails are made with Sammy’s award-winning spirits, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum and Santo Spirits.

How to Drink Like a Writer

Pairing 100 famous authors, poets, and playwrights from the Victorian age to modern day with recipes for their iconic drinks of choice, How to Drink Like a Writer is the perfect guide to getting lit(erary) for madcap mixologists, book club bartenders, and cocktail enthusiasts. Have you dreamed of sharing gin martinis with Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton after poetry class? Maybe a mojito—a real one, as they serve at La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana—is all you need to summon the mesmerizing power of Hemingway’s prose. Writer’s block? Summon the brilliant musings of Truman Capote with a screwdriver—or “my orange drink,” as he called it. These spirited drink recipes and special sections dedicated to writerly haunts like the Algonquin of the New Yorker set and Kerouac’s Vesuvio Cafe, How to Drink Like a Writer is sure to inspire, invoke, and inebriate—whether you are courting the muse, or just nursing a hangover.

How to Drink Like a Rock Star

For those who long for a taste of the rock and roll lifestyle without the trashed hotel rooms, constrictive leather pants, and weeks lost on a cramped tour bus—How to Drink Like a Rock Star provides signature cocktail recipes, profiles of famous rock stars, and histories of musicians’ favorite haunts and hangover cures. Learn what fueled Ozzy Osbourne’s bat-biting Prince of Darkness persona and how to how to quaff a Jack and Coke like Motörhead’s Lemmy as well as how to prepare Johnny Cash’s Dark ‘n’ Stormy, Whitney Houston’s Champagne, Lady Gaga’s Jameson Mule, and so many more. Embrace your inner diva or metalhead the next time you step up to make, or order, a drink.

The Personalized Hogtender Cocktail Smoker Kit

LOVEDAD20 which will take 20% off all orders, including free shipping

The Personalized Hogtender Cocktail Smoker Kit—an extraordinary companion that elevates your cocktail experience to unparalleled heights! With a wide selection of smoker top designs to choose from, this kit can be customized to suit your preferences, making it an even more special and unique gift. A true must-have for dads and cocktail enthusiasts alike, it allows you to create unforgettable drinking moments. The Personalized Hogtender Cocktail Smoker effortlessly infuses your cocktails, mocktails, whiskey, bourbon, and scotch with mesmerizing smoke, tantalizing flavors, and delightful aromatics in mere seconds. From the moment your package arrives, you’ll be fully equipped to dive headfirst into the realm of elevated mixology. Whether you’re craving a classic Old Fashioned, a daring smoked Margarita, or even your own secret concoction, this smoker will take the taste experience to an extraordinary level of deliciousness. Get ready to astound your taste buds and create cocktail masterpieces with the Personalized Hogtender Cocktail Smoker Kit!  In addition to free shipping, unlock 20% off your order by using Discount Code LOVEDAD20 at checkout!


Raise a Toast and Celebrate Father’s Day in Style:

Whether Dad prefers a classic gin martini, a fruity cosmopolitan, or a creative concoction of his own, the Elixir Martini Glasses will elevate his drinking experience and add a touch of sophistication to his celebrations.

Groovy Dad Gifts

At Groovy Guy Gifts, we specialize in unique personalized gifts for men. 

Personalized Whiskey Stones

No one likes to choose between a cold or a watery whiskey. Your whiskey lover will appreciate these personalized whiskey stones that won’t melt and therefore don’t water down their whiskey. The whiskey stones don’t just help keep his drink from getting watered down, they also make his drink look even better in his glass.

These engraved whiskey stones come in a beautiful box for presentation, the box will be personalized with a name so it makes for a nice presentation and also a piece he will want to display at his home bar.

Castello Del Poggio

Aww..La Dolce Vita. Toast to the sweeter things in life with Castello Del Poggio. The collection of wines perfectly aligns with any palette and lifestyle at an affordable price everyone can enjoy. Summer calls for delicious Moscato, crisp white Italian Pinot Grigio, and all-time dry favorites such as Prosecco. Taste all Italy has to offer with the Castello Del Poggio wine collections, including THE SWEET LIFE (Strawberry Kiss, Blueberry Bliss, Honeydew Joy, Peachy Dreams), THE CLASSICS (Prosecco DOC, Pinot Grigio DOC, Templar’s Red Blend), and THE GARDEN (Moscato, Sweet Red, and Sweet Rose´). From seasoned wine connoisseurs to those beginning their wine journey, Castello Del Poggio has diverse flavors to satisfy any craving. Its eclectic portfolio pairs well with charcuterie boards, pastas, and savory dishes!

Adam Vodka

From the corn fields of Minnesota to being processed, distilled, filtered, and bottled in the Pacific Northwest center of your friendly get-together, Adam Vodka was handcrafted by friends for friends and is ready to be your go-to friendly drink.

Made by Aerospace Engineer Adam Phan, he, and his friend Arkadi. Adam’ Vodka started with a simple goal “A drink made for connecting with people.” After many trials, the two finally did it and had the awards to prove it! 

We incorporate the highest-grade ingredients to maintain the absolute best end product for you to enjoy. Our vodka is distilled 5x and filtered 5x using lava rocks local to the Northwest region. The porous minerals act as nature’s sponge, capturing the impurities to leave behind a clean, smooth spirit. We are pleased to bring you an organic vodka that’s so delicious you can sip it.


Winebars are elegant bookends for wine.  Made from solid aluminum and polished to perfection, Winebars are minimal, stylish, and beautiful. People love Winebars because they look amazing displaying a stack of their favorite wines. Winebars are the tiniest wine rack on the market, so you can put them anywhere.  Our fans use them to turn a cabinet or shelf into instant wine storage, or to fit them into the fridge to stop bottles from rolling around. Or simply place on any counter or surface to easily create decorative displays of your wine. Winebars come in 6 different color choices to add pop to any decor.  We can also laser etch the sides, so now you can personalize the perfect gift for a wedding or housewarming or for a Dad.


Spring Bundle/Special 


At Lifevine, we know that just having zero sugar per serving in our wine isn’t enough. We believe wine should be certified free of harmful pesticides as well as industrial and environmental contaminants. That’s why our wines have been independently sampled and tested in an accredited analytical chemistry laboratory for harmful environmental & industrial contaminants and toxins and over 200 pesticides. Lifevine is the only Certified Pesticide Free wine in the United States of America. Rooted in purity, it was produced to provide consumers with a better for you wine option offering greater transparency via nutritional facts, ingredient labeling and certifications from a 3rd party non-for-profit organization, the Clean Label Project – whose mission is to bring truth and transparency to consumer product labeling.   

Duck Pond

Spring Bundle Promo/Special

In 2023, Duck Pond Cellars will celebrate three decades of growing and producing fine Willamette Valley wines. Throughout its history, the company has prided itself on farming sustainably and creating minimal-intervention wines that honor the area’s unique climate, soil and culture. With the 2020 vintage, Duck Pond marked an especially historic milestone when it released its first line of Natural Path Production Certified Wines – the first wines in America to bear this distinction.

Natural Path Production Certification was developed by The Clean Label Project — a 3rd party non-profit standard organization whose mission is to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling. Certified Natural Path Production places strict limits on winemaking additives and manipulations, promising a winemaking style that brings together the best of traditional natural wine production and low-intervention modern winemaking techniques. As a result, Duck Pond wines are low in sulfites, free of glyphosate and neonicotinoids, and made without added sugars.

Certified Natural Path Production is one of two seals launched by Clean Label Project to set new, specific standards for natural winemaking, a category that is exploding in popularity but not government regulated in the US Market.

Cocktail Kits 2 Go

A travel size Old Fashioned Cocktail kit! A small accessory that can make 4 drinks will keep every dad having their own happy hour with her boys at the playground, sipping all night for poker night and cigars or when they  just want to feel good and enjoy a good glass of whiskey embracing every citrus scent. Who says being a parent, especially dad, means you can’t have any fun? After all, they deserve to be celebrated. 

Cocktail Kits 2 Go have everything you need to craft cocktail classics all in one small, home bar, in-case-of-emergency package. For instance, the Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit includes the ingredients to craft a perfect Old Fashioned Cocktail – aromatic bitters, sugar cubes, bamboo spoon, and instructions for making the drink as it has been made since the late 1800s–all tucked into a vintage-styled, travel-sized tin. Just add your favorite whiskey. 

Fireside Bourbon

Mile High Spirits is one of Denver’s favorite active distilleries, producing thousands of gallons of award-winning spirits every year. Fireside Bourbon is distilled from Colorado corn, barley, and rye and cut to perfection with crisp Rocky Mountain water. Fireside boasts notes of dark caramel, roasted coffee and smokey brown sugar. Their product line is sold in over 3,000 retail stores and restaurants and available in 11 states and also ships nationwide online.

Cook’s Mill Whiskey

Cook’s Mill Whiskey is an American Straight Bourbon Whiskey inspired by the proud tradition of farming and distillation in North Carolina. 

Our bourbons are aged in American white oak barrels and distilled only from North Carolina corn. 

Our namesake is Cook’s Mill, a pre-revolutionary grist mill located in Alamance Co. and once a well-known meeting and trading post for farmers, distillers, and early settlers. It served an important role in the American Revolution, most notably through the Regulator Movement and the Battle of Alamance. 

In homage to this 250-year whiskey-making heritage, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Cook’s Mill Whiskey will be used in the restoration and preservation of the mill.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum

Made in Puerto Rico, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum is distilled three times and made from the finest sugar cane and purest ingredients in the Caribbean. Hagar’s partner in Beach Bar Rum is rock icon, Rick Springfield. In addition to a platinum white rum, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum comes in Red Head and Kola Nut Spiced flavors.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Canned Cocktails

Hagar’s award-winning Puerto Rico-made Beach Bar Rum steeps island flavor into Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co.’s top-shelf sparkling rum cocktails in a can, which come in four playful twists on classic flavors: Tangerine Dream, Pineapple Splash, Island Pop and Cherry Kola Chill. Made with all-natural ingredients and sweetened with agave, each flavor is under 130 calories and five grams of sugar per can. 

2021 Dakota Shy “Napa Valley” Cabernet Sauvignon

This Father’s Day, we are gifting something that everyone can enjoy, wine from Dakota Shy, one of Napa’s best-kept secrets. Nestled in St. Helena, right off the Silverado Trail, the team at Dakota Shy has been quietly producing a collection of world-class Cabernet Sauvignon. This 2021 Dakota Shy “Napa Valley” Cabernet Sauvignon is the winery’s flagship bottle from a select few hillside vineyards and is sure to make any wine collector’s day. Need more reasons to pick up a bottle? How about two: The Dakota Shy “Napa Valley” Cab is a two time “Top 100 Wine in the World” from Wine Spectator.

Tasting notes: Dense, textured and powerful. Wow, this is sexy, lush, layered and so complex. Refinement in concert with power – with a juicy core supported by luxurious silky tannin and dark fruit flavors. Cassis, balsamic, plum sauce, black cherry, baking chocolate and thyme lead to a long complex finish. Impossible to resist now but will gain even more complexity and nuance with bottle age.

Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Bourbon

When it comes to bourbon, us moms love to sip a double after a busy day. Ladies get your black and gold on for this champion!

 Awarded a phenomenal 91-point rating from Wine Enthusiast, Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is blended from the finest grains and aged in hand-selected barrels. As noted in the review, the two-year-old bourbon is “tinged with roasted nuts and vanilla on nose and palate, finishing with hints of black pepper and a waft of smoke.” It has a mash bill of 70% corn, 21% rye, and 9% malted barley, and is proofed to 51.9% ABV, a tribute to the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback’s career pass completion percentage. Bradshaw Bourbon won a 95-point Gold Medal at the prestigious IWSC (International Wine & Spirits Competition) in 2023.


NOËL Family Distillery

NOËL Family Distillery in Donaldsonville, Louisiana opened its doors in May and invites mothers everywhere to kick off their shoes and relax with two distinct, ultra-premium Tequila spirits. The father/daughter duo-Chip and Natalie Noel- pour their rich history and family passion into every small batch and bottle. The result? An accessible luxury for all to enjoy! 

Choose between two distinct expressions, both are 40% ABV & 750 ML. Order online or visit in person–we would love to welcome you with our southern hospitality!

Tequila Reposado: Combines Mexican tradition with Louisiana spirit to deliver a smooth drinking experience with buttery caramel & oak notes. This unique proprietary blend features Lowland and Highland Agave – a labor of love that took 6 years. Great with seafood and grilled, spicy meats

Tequila Blanco: This signature blend contains 100% Blue Weber Agave and is made in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. Enjoy smooth vanilla, pineapple, citrus, and earthy notes in this small-batch recipe. Sip this full-bodied, slightly sweet, and easy-drinking spirit alone or paired with your favorite dessert or a lighter meal.


For the alcohol-free dads out there! Cutting back on wine may be good for your health, but it’s so boring to drink soft drinks and sparkling ciders all the time. Jøyus is here to bring the joy of a glass of wine and the non-alcoholic peace of mind together in one delicious bottle. 100% woman- and sober-owned, Jøyus doesn’t have that overly-sweet, or grape juice taste like other non-alcoholic wines can. The delightfully dry and complex alcohol removed wines will have even the snootiest of wine snobs pouring a second and even a third glass. (It won two awards at The San Francisco International Wine Competition and another at the International Wine and Spirits (IWSC) in London for a reason!) Jøyus is perfect for everyone no matter where they are on their sober journey.

Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea

Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea is a fresh-brewed organic spiked sparkling hard tea seltzer, made with 100% real ingredients. We are a female-founded company, and our Wise Women Collective is a women-for-women initiative supporting charitable initiatives, and we promote gathering and conversation.


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