Echo Show, Your Official Family Entertainment System

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We are an Amazon family through and through. From Amazon Alexa to the Echo Dot, we’ve adapted to life with Alexa as the 6th family member in our home. We were thrilled to check out the Echo Show and its quickly become our official family entertainment system!

Echo Show, Your Official Family Entertainment System

Our kids love using Alexa and their Echo dots to play their favorite songs and ask the latest burning questions, so they were psyched to be able to pair their Amazon devices with our new Echo Show. We have so many favorite features of the built-in smart home hub, its completely changed our daily routine. Here are just a few of the things we absolutely LOVE about the Echo Show.

  • Music: The upgraded speaker with Dolby processing allows us to stream music throughout the house. Which means not only can I listen to my favorite jams while I’m cleaning, but the crisp stereo sound enables me to hear my favorite songs, no matter which room I’m cleaning. Plus I’ve gotten completely accustomed to selecting a song and adjusting the volume with only my voice.
  • Random sing-a-longs. Being able to SEE the lyrics to our favorite songs is a pretty big deal, especially if you are  anything like me and don’t know 90% of the correct words in the songs. The Echo Show helped me learn that Ophelia by The Lumineers is actually saying “Oh, Ophelia” when all this time I’ve been singing “ohh dreamy eyes”

Echo Show, Your Official Family Entertainment System

  • Stay up to date with current events. My husband and I never watch the news, and I mean NEVER. The Echo Show highlights the latest news stories, sports scores, and weather. So now we have a little less guilt about being oblivious to what’s happening in the world, and can fully prepare for the snowstorm planning to hit us on Thursday.
  • Call family members where all 5 of us can see. All five of us can now experience video calling at the same time. When you have 3 kids, sharing screen time while talking to family in another state isn’t always feasible and typically ends in a brawl between siblings.
  • Instant access to your calendar. Not only can I ask Alexa what’s on my calendar today, but the Echo Show actually SHOWS me my to-do list, which is a really big deal for those who need a visual. Most of all, I love that I’m immediately notified when my Amazon Prime package is delivered to my house and the timestamp allows me to see how long its been sitting on my front porch.
  • Stay organized in the kitchen. I can’t tell you how many times I try to pull up a recipe and end up going back to look at the screen a dozen times. Let alone if Im trying to watch a recipe video and have to wash my hands 20 times so I can touch the screen to start and stop the video. With simple voice commands, the Echo Show lets me watch the videos 100% handsfree, plus I can set timers, and my favorite part, tell Alexa to add items to my grocery list!

Echo Show, Your Official Family Entertainment System

We love the simplicity of interacting with Alexa and how much easier she makes life through voice command. The days of losing the remote control are long gone thanks to Alexa’s ability to turn off the tv. Check out how Alexa helps me daily!


Not to mention turning lights off in rooms and setting nightlights when you don’t want the kids to continuously get out of bed. It’s no surprise our kids think they’re royalty! Alexa has a great sense of humor and according to our boys, tells the best fart jokes.

Echo Show, Your Official Family Entertainment System

The Echo Show comes just in time for your resolutions of staying organized and includes all of the features we love about Alexa for only $229.99. The device is sure to be an entertainment pleaser for the entire family!

Echo Show, Your Official Family Entertainment System

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