Keeping Family Traditions With A Real Christmas Tree

Keeping Family Traditions With A Real Christmas Tree

This post is sponsored by the Christmas Tree Promotion Board. All opinions are my own. Christmas is a time for embracing traditions with your family. We are so lucky to have many incredible traditions with our family from baking cookies to decorating our Christmas tree! This … [Read more...]

How To Become the Best Stocking Stuffer of All Time With Old Spice


Ladies, do you ponder extensively each year regarding what to stuff in your man’s stocking? Do you labor for hours searching for the perfect mini gifts that not only fit inside his stocking, but will, in all actuality help him soar to new heights, like a bald eagle wearing an … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Reindeer Christmas Decorations

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I love to incorporate my kids as much as possible in our holiday gift giving and decorating. Close family and friends love to receive gifts that have that "special" touch from the kids. As a bonus, if I can use some of our homemade gifts as decorations, its a win win! Last year … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Holiday With Duracell Batteries


The countdown to Christmas is almost as exciting as Christmas morning for your children. They have anxiously been awaiting for the green light to run to the tree and rip open every present with their name on it. As a parent, your Christmas countdown is a little more than finding … [Read more...]

Holiday Traditions- Black Friday Shopping Edition


As we embark on the holiday season, its a new year to create memories and continue traditions. While many people look forward to Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends and continue traditions of football games, parades, and cooking.. our tradition has always been rather … [Read more...]