Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun time to experiment in the world of make believe. You may be busy thinking of the perfect outfit for your little one and not even realize this is your opportunity to have a … [Read More...]

Fall Fairs In New England #FallFun31

Fall Fairs In New England

Fall in New England means plenty of fairs throughout the area. Growing up we always counted down the days until the fair would arrive! As a kid I couldn't wait to, of course, ride the … [Read More...]

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Stock Up Your Closet With Fall Boots

One of the best parts about Fall is the fashion. While I love my flip flops and summer dresses, fall allows me to break out my most valued possession ... my boots! And I'm not talking about snow boots (although I DO love my North Face Eskimo snow boots). Fall fashion enables you … [Read More...]

Family Pumpkin Carving #FallFun31

Family Pumpkin Carving

You read about our yearly tradition of Pumpkin Picking with friends, so it only makes sense that we ALSO have a tradition of pumpkin carving. Carving our own pumpkins is a great way to do a fun activity with the kids AND decorate the house at the same time! Once our pumpkins are … [Read More...]


#HelpTheWorldSee With OneSight

My husband always had perfect vision- or so he thought. Then once he hit about 24, after years of neglecting his eyes, he was informed he needed glasses. Getting glasses was a HUGE deal for him, considering he was an adult and never thought he had issues with his sight. After a … [Read More...]

Pepa and Ty

Wordless Wednesday- Grandparents

  Wordless Wednesday- Grandparents Grandparents and great grandparents share such a special bond. My #WordlessWednesday this week is MY Pepa (grandpa) with my little Prince. Four generations between them and so much love!   For more photographs, visit a … [Read More...]

Five Tips to Make Your Computer Midterm Ready #FallFun31

Five Tips to Make Your Computer Midterm Ready

  College students have been feverishly hitting the books, working the semester away, and October brings them to the first milestone of the Fall semester- midterms. With all of the stress and tireless hours that go into studying and writing those term papers, getting … [Read More...]