Fun Ways to Educate Your Child Outside of School

Most kids will go to school to get their education. Here, trained and qualified teachers will be able to help them learn the necessary skills to get by in life. They will learn to read and write, to count, to draw, to play instruments, to sing. As they grow older, they’ll learn skills and knowledge ... READ the POST

4 Personal Health Checks You Must Never Ignore

Even if you eat well and exercise daily, regular health check-ups are essential to your wellbeing. This is because the specialists that facilitate them have equipment designed to pick up potential issues that you may not notice till a lot further down the line. To that end, you must never ignore ... READ the POST

Taking The Best Care Of Your Hearing

  Your hearing is one of your most important senses. Your ears pick up valuable information and help your brain to make sense of the world around you. Without your hearing, you might not be able to hear a car coming up behind you as you walk. You learn about impending dangers through your ... READ the POST

Ultimate Summer Fun Guide

There's still time to make this summer one of the best yet! We've put together the Ultimate Summer Fun Guide for you to find everything you need! You'll find the fashion, foods, accessories, and ways to relax, and so much more! We'll also be showing many items on The Compass Girls Live  along ... READ the POST