Jolly Llama Collage

Treat Yourself This Summer With Jolly Llama

Summertime, the pinnacle of fun, at least for the kids that is. It's that time of year when they can play from dawn to dusk without a care in the world. However, we aren't kids. Instead, we get the pleasure of being parents, the constant worriers, watchers and care givers. Not … [Read More...]


Capture Life With Sony Xperia Phones From Best Buy

Every moment of every day something amazing happens. People, animals, and nature are constantly surprising us with opportunities to capture incredible images and videos. In my case, capturing crystal clear footage during my son's big game or the perfect shot of my two youngest … [Read More...]

Summer Blockbusters

Take The Summer By Storm With Big Y #pgsummermovies

In New England it feels like winter lasts forever. Once summer weather finally arrives, it seems that there just isn't enough time to finish all the errands and squeeze in some fun activities. We all wish we could spend every day swimming, playing, and enjoying the summer. … [Read More...]

Stay Stocked With Pampers From Sam's Club

Stay Stocked With Pampers From Sam’s Club

As a mother of three, I can tell you there is rarely a dull moment around our home. We are constantly changing diapers, wiping noses and cleaning faces. One of the most important parts to keeping everything in order is making sure that we are stocked with supplies. When I say … [Read More...]