My Response to Mike Francesa on Paternity Leave


It's no secret times have changed when it comes to family dynamics. Years ago fathers sat in a room waiting for the arrival of their baby... and found out not only WHEN the baby arrived, but also if it was a boy or girl. Not only are men allowed in the delivery room but they're … [Read more...]

Halo Mandarin Oranges- The Perfect Snack

PicMonkey Collage

My three year old’s day pretty much revolves around food and toys. He spends most of the day trying to negotiate a peanut butter and jelly (or fluff) sandwhich for any meal of the day. Now that he is gaining independence, snacks are an even more important part of the day for him. … [Read more...]

Clean Up in a Jiffy with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle


As a mom of boys, we are constantly cleaning dirty and sticky handprints from all reachable (and climbable) surfaces. My kitchen counters as well as the bathroom sink and counter are the biggest victims. I feel like I am forever cleaning these areas. Something about the height of … [Read more...]