Help Your Kids Grow Through Learning How To Fish

Treydans first time fishing (7)

    When I first had children I didn't realize all of the concepts and values that must be taught in order to raise morally sound young adolescents and adults. I came to the realization when my son was younger that in order to raise an all-around good man, it … [Read more...]

Take Virtual Reality Anywhere with the Samsung Gear VR & Samsung Galaxy from Best Buy

Samsung Mobile Gear VR

One thing I love to do is go camping, however occasionally I miss the comforts of home. Comforts like watching movies, playing games and more. I'm sure that nearly everyone traveling for extended periods of time begin to feel the same way at some point. If there was only some way … [Read more...]

How to Find a Car For a Growing Family With the Help of AutoTrader


It seems like everyone needs a car these days. Whether it's to get to work or to shuttle the kids around, the need for a vehicle is there. With this in mind there are a few different types of car buyers. The "keep it till it dies" buyer, the "keep it till it's paid off" buyer, … [Read more...]