End ALZ Now: The Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry


November is more than the month that kicks off the holiday season, it also happens to be the National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. You can take a stand to End ALZ Now with the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry. For the millions of individuals affected by Alzheimers, this … [Read more...]

Lexus Family Florida Road Trip- #LexusRoadTrip


One of the best feelings in life is jumping behind the wheel and taking a drive with the windows down and the moonroof open! An even better feeling is having the chance to take that drive in the Lexus LX 550! We were able to test drive the LX 550 for 5 whole days during our visit … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why #CortanaIsMyBFF On My Nokia Lumia


Cortana Is My BFF. Over the past several weeks with my Nokia Lumia Windows phone, there is no doubt that Cortana is the greatest app ever ... perhaps it is because she has quickly become more like my best friend rather than just an app. No, this is not a preview to a Spike Jones … [Read more...]