Prepping Sibling for New Baby

Baby #2 is due any day now. You’ve picked out his coming home outfit and washed all the clothes. The nursery is all set and his diaper bag is packed. All you have to do now is wait .. and start prepping the sibling! We’ve made sure my three year old was included in every … [Read more...]

Yes, I’m Pregnant. No you may not touch my belly

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman's life. If you've been blessed to have this experience, chances are you've also had your fair share of "huh?" moments with what people (especially strangers) say AND do because you are pregnant. Being pregnant with baby boy #2 I've compiled … [Read more...]

Sundae Spa Day – Little Girls Feel Like A Princess, Waterbury, CT

We had the opportunity to have a spa day at Sundae Spa in Waterbury, CT. Our couple of hours there were AWESOME! Maddison, who is 3 years old, had a fabulous time!! The girls there were terrific, and went by the names of Pez, Twix, and Rainbow Candies, which the kids just thought … [Read more...]