About Us




Crissy Beam

City girl married to a country boy and mama to two crazy boys (aka #TeamTnT) and a new Princess. Crissy was feverishly climbing the corporate ladder when she experienced a freak accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury putting her everyday life in a state of confusion. While she sifts through her new path, she strides to keep the confusion controlled and remain focused on being a fun and fashionable mom. Crissy is a music lover, social butterfly, and sports fanatic who lives and breathes Steelers Nation during football season. Her days enjoying concerts and drinking wine have quickly turned into fishing and chasing little boys in the mud with glitter and pink peppered in from her new princess. You can often find Crissy traveling with her family and trying to figure out the best ways to play in the dirt while wearing diamonds.



Justin Beam

Country Boy implanted in a northern Italian family. Justin is an avid hunter and fisherman who is always ready to test out the latest camo, tree stands, and fishing poles. He loves building, working with his hands and is always ready for a new project. While he was born and bred for nature, this techie at heart is always using the latest and greatest in electronics, cars, bikes, and all powersports. When Justin isn’t online, you’ll find him wrestling or playing with his two boys #TeamTNT and cuddling his Princess.






Tracy Borzillo

40+ mom of two grown sons, enjoying living life w her soulmate, James, while working FT in a demanding position. Her passions are family, crafting, and cooking insane amounts of food and entertaining. She coordinates a yearly craft exchange and runs a seasonal holiday Boutique called Boutique In The Barn in CT which has now grown into an annual Winter Wonderland. Tracy believes in raising well rounded young men who know how to handle themselves around the home and out in the world and will not need their wife to wash their clothes or cook dinner!